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I installed and enabled icloud when i got daughter an ipod touch.  It was stolen but because it was locked with a security code it is always "offline".  It has been two weeks and it has yet to find it or go online.  When it happened I figured it would be okay and it would be found.  I sent it a message offering a reward but since it is "offline" it doesn't even matter.  Apple has no way to actually report your ipod stolen.  You can remove it from your devices but that's about it.  You can search the whole Apple site and there is no actual answer to how to report it stolen nor does it say anywhere that if you have your device locked the chances of the "find my iphone" actually working is zip.  I realize Apple is not the police and I have reported it to them but Apple should be more helpful and they have a certain responsibility to inform customers and come up with a better solution.  I am upset at the thief but also at Apple.

iPod touch (4th generation)