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Look guys I'm getting tired of all this explanations everyone is trying to put out without apple coming out officially to give some solution to this thing. I just bougt the mid 2012 MBP because I was getting tired of all the problems with windows and now this is what I get, electric shocks from my laptop! I have read all your blabbing about using 3pin line and all. My question is why is apple not coming out to speak? i spent a fortune on this MBP. at least we deserve some better customer care than i'm seeing now. Sad!

Thinking of just returning this MBP. This is unfortunate, the last thing I will want is a gadget i've spent a bit of money on giving me tingling shocks! I've said my piece. Good day.

MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012), Mac OS X (10.7.4), Electric Shocks from body of MBP!!
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    Im experiencing the same problem.  Feel disappointed with my mbp having this intermitten electric shocks.  Will have to bring it to the service center this weekend, will keep you posted on apples response.  Let us know if you have resolved yours.

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    Apple doesn't respond to these forums. They are User to User.


    If this was a wide sp]read problem is would be posted on every forum and in the Mac/Apple web mag sites and headline news.


    Really I have no idea why anyone that has a problem with any computer right out of the box does not just take it back for a replacement or Full Refund and then buy another or something else.


    Apple makes this very easy with their 14 day No Questions Asked return policy.


    If you have a problem in any way simply take your MBP back for Full Refund. Then if you like buy another new Mac. If not then buy some other computer.


    If you accept any faults in your new, freshly removed from the box, computer that is your fault. Not the manufacturer as every product every made has bad units produced.


    To the OP.


    What problems with Windows. Sorry but I have been mainly a Windows user since 1992 and DOS before that and have never had any real problems with Windows. I attribute that to Good General, safe, Computer Practices, buying good hardware and Not Installing Crap/Junk Software.


    I have also had a very good experience with Mac but not any better then with Windows.


    It is all about how you, the user, use your computers.

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    Have you got updates on your end?  I went to Apple service center here in SG and they recommended me to use the extended power cable, instead of the short one


    I still feel some shocks thought, but milder this time. 


    Do you guys have any tools / or ways on how to determine if there are electric shocks the mac is producing?

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    Take your computer to an Apple store and try one of their power cords.