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I'm reporting an issue related to "phone call" that seems to be common with Iphone 4, but I can not find the proper fix.

First of all My mobile is an Iphone 4 out of warranty, and thus no chance to get any replacement from apple.

Few weeks ago the phone just falls and then my problems during phone call starts:


During calls or right at the start of a call peolpe can not hear me. If I just tap at the rear of the phone or just push hard on the back of the phone, it comes back.

But this is a pain as few seconds after people can hear me again...then tap on the phone...this back...and again and again..


I've tried all these fixes found on forum, but it does not solve the problem.

- Itune restore/updqte under DFU: no change

- Use earphones : no change

- try without 3G: no change

- check sim card: no change

- change the iphone  micro (bottom one): no change

- clean the ambiance micro hole (top one): no change

- put some plastics spacer like there http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jhWxYTVxe4 : no change



Note that face time: is working fine and sound recorder also!!!!


Please any idea? Does apple plan to update IOS. I heard it was linked to Audio conversion CPU that was poorlu soldered?!!



iPhone 4, iOS 5.1
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    If recorder is working fine then there is nothing wrong with the physical mic im guessing. If you have to push hard on the top part of the phone then it might have something to do with the noice cancelling mic. Best adivice is to get it fixed by either an authorized dealer. If there were no software issues (after you reinstalled) it would come down to either a hard ware problem or your cellular recption problem. Try and see if the same problem persists with another sim card.

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    I've just moved to another (french) provider..From Orange to Free mobile..and this does not change anything.. This Saturday I was at an official Apple dealer and he told me he had several phones with identical issues..He replaced all micros (ambiance & main one) and the result was the same. He told me I should change the mother board or wait for an apple IOS update (??)..Then I went to another (non) official dealer..he told me I should keep my iphone and wait for a fix from apple..Again sevral apple owners came to him with the same problem...

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    Since this story I was fully addicted to apple product...but a phone that is not anymore a phone...I'm traveling a lot for my job and Whats a mess having such a "nice" product that canot just do basic..and you must "admit" people that call you...<<Well...my phone works but ..if you don't hear me, this is normal ..I have to push on the back or tap on it>>..this is not serious..and not professional at all..I'm scared I have to swith to a new phone...

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    But if your problem just started after you dropped it as you stated, then it might most likely be a hardware issue (unless you updated your OS as well AFTER dropping the phone and THEN noticed the issue, which in that case might be software). Also if your phone becomes fine when you press the back, it indicates that the issue gets corrected by "physical" means another sign it is a hardware issue. My advice, get it check up by the apple people and tell them that it responds to physically pressing the phone, and if its fixed get a protective case so as to avoid this problem in the future.

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    I have no doubt this is an hardware issue. I've open the back cover and made a call. Then when the voice was cut I was slightly pushing the mother board and voice was coming back. On other forum Some Iphone users related identical issues and this why I really believe that mother board/or connectors /or audio cpu is related to the issue. Nevertheless if my voice can be recorded properly but can't be sent propelry via phone call I feel a software fix could be ported via IOS update for such an issue? Especially when I see so much identical issues on forum...


    OK, I'll try to find another apple dealler like you stated


    Perhaps I'm dreaming and apple would prefer leaving users bying again..and again... cristal like sensitive product :-)...

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    EN : Same problem and after opening my iPhone, I rescrewed all screws, and now it works ! I wait a few days to confirm that everything works.


    FR : Même problème et après avoir ouvert mon iPhone, j'ai reserré toutes les vis, et maintenant ça fontionne ! J'attends quelques jours pour confirmer que tout fonctionne bien.

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    Hi Vazaria,


    Did you find a fix yet?

    I have the same problem and its really annoying!!


    I've read in a number of places and it seems to me it is the solder problem.  For my phone to work, I need to twist it a certain way while on the phone in order for the people on the other line to hear me.  Not fun!


    Any help would be much appreciated!  Thanks!

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    This is a nightmare this Iphone... From all the forum/discussions I've seen this seems to be recurrent problem with Iphone 4.To be honest all the people around me having an Iphone..Have an issue..sometimes similar to mine...with poor help from Apple service/genius..or whatever

    Now to make it functional..I mean having people hearing my voice I use two methods. Exactly like yours.. I push hard on the back or twist it.. Or dismantle and retight all screws and nuts. This last solution lasts for days at the begining and now few hours..


    Discussing with sevral (ex or futur ex) iphone users, I understand that apple knows exactly about this issue..which is linked to poor  solding of the audio chip. They just don't want to release any solution as it means accepting that problem exists..


    I can tell you, I'll be as proactive convincing people to stop buying apple product(S)..as Apple was quiet & unhelpfull fixing my problem..


    600euro for a "box" that acces internet and sends Texto..but does not phone properly...I'm fed up!!


    ..I think you can feel my frustration...but I have no real fix for this "&à§@#$$.." phone

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    That *****.  I've been a super loyal customer.

    I'm basically an apple freak and have dragged a number of my friends down the apple road... Macbook pros, ipads, iphones.. and now I'm stuck with a broken iPhone..


    I've found that the people at the "Genius Bar" are not that genius.  Once... ONCE I've come one that was super helpful and smart, but all the other times, they were trying to give me lame excuses and beat around the bush.  That's when I started to explain to them.  (I seriously contemplated on working at Apple as one of the genius guides.)   I'd rather have a plain "I don't know" answer than tell me a bunch of nonsense (if you know what I mean).


    Anyways.  Thanks for the reply.

    I really don't know what to do with my phone now.. And I'm not really willing to pay $190 to trade/replace my iPhone 4.  It's a bit too much for me. And its not even an upgrade to the iPhone 4s!!


    Thanks for letting me vent..


    Thanks Vazaria!


    Let me know if anything turns up!

    God bless!

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    Same problem for me too! Visited Genius Bar today hoping that there was a repair so that people could hear me and their solution was to buy a new phone (some solution!). The person next me at the Genius Bar was having the same problem as well and the Apple employee had the exact same response - buy a new phone! How convenient for Apple to make a product that does not last forcing a new purchase! I am disappointed and contemplating buying an Android. Bummer that it will not be as convenient with my Mac but feel strongly that Apple is not reacting to this widespread problem and I don't want to give them anymore business.

    Apple needs to step up!