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Internet wifi works intermitently. internet freezes the only way i can use it again is to dissconnect airport then re-connect. happens most times i want to use the net.

anyone help or point me in the right direction thanks.

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    Allan Jones Level 7 Level 7 (30,435 points)

    It will be easier to help you if we knew more about your hardware. iMacs have been around since 1998 in four distinct hardware versions, each with its own characteristics and issues when troubleshooting. At minimum we need the processor type to identify your model and your version of the Mac OS. Both are available by doing "About this Mac" from your Apple menu, to get a screen like this:



    If the processor info includes the word "Intel" we need to get you moved to another forum. This forum is for older iMacs built before 2006. From your symptoms, it sounds like you have an Intel 27-inch iMac. Lots of reports in the other forum about that version dropping wifi signals.

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    sorry it is intel, will go there and check thanks

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    Have you tried to Refresh the internet page or maybe restarting safari

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    OP has a known hardware problem, posted in the wrong forum, and has been successfully refered tthe proper forum setion. Resets/restarts won't fix this kwon issue.


    From other posts, I get the impression that you are not reading the entire thread before posting. These forums are more enjoyable and informative if you slow down and smell the roses.