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I purchased a "new" iphone 4 after my first one was dropped in some water. I paid around $580. 4 days later, my wet iphone started working again, so I was pretty happy I could return the new one. When I went to the wireless wave location, they said there had to be less than thirty minutes talk time for it to be returned; no problem! Big problem! I had only owned the phone for 6 days, but there was 8 DAYS of TALK TIME on the phone in total! It wasn't even mathematically possible! The manager was more worried about whether or not I had actually used it for the 30 minutes. He couldn't have cared less that I had obviously paid full price for someone elses discarded cell phone without knowing it! I need some advice on how to handle this! I called an Apple location and they said they do NOT condone selling any refurbished Iphone products and were not aware of this. I sent an email to apple's legal email, but honestly I am just so frusturated. I tried contacting wireless wave, but obviously they don't want to talk to me. I was given no explanation at the time of return as to why there would be 8 days of talk time on a "brand new" iphone 4. They were actually trying to call my provider and make sure I hadn't used it for more than the allotted time. I was given a refund after just about losing my cool on the poor guy working there. He was in fact very nice and very understanding, but could offer no help besides giving me a refund.  My husband and I have purchased many phones from the certain wireless wave location, and I can't help but wonder how many other used products we have purchased!

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