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I am using iChat on my new computer and it automatically configured Google Talk when I put in my gmail address. Things looked great until I sent a message to a PC user with a Google Talk application - it arrived to him as


<html xmlns="http://jabber.org/protocol/xhtml-im"><body style="background-color:#fee32f;color:#000000;" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"><span style="font-family: 'Helvetica';font-size: 12px;">i'm on new computer</span></body></html>

instead of just my text - making conversation a little difficult! Is there any way to make sure I'm sending plain text, and lose all the html markup? My text shows up fine when I have Talk open in my gmail browser window, though I see the same thing he was in the transcripts archived in my gmail.

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    I have only heard of that in relation to iChat to IQC users.


    ICQ was once owned by AIM and formed part of the same "Service"

    That is to say it logged in to the same Servers and ICQ names could be added to an AIM Buddy list and vice Versa


    ICQ has since been sold off to some Russians and has it;s own servers although can still be "AIM Buddies"


    The point is though, that IQC users do not have stylised Balloons or Bubbles for their text Chats and cannot deal with the extra info that is sent.

    Basically it is HTML to form the Balloon and colour it and the Font.


    I have never seen a Post to say the the PC app called GoogleTalk had this issue


    In earlier versions (iChat 4 and 5) there was an Add-on called Chax that could remove the HTML for ICQ chats but it does not work in iChat 6


    Google and AIM have both added methods of "Automatically" adding Buddies from the other service to their Buddy lists

    I am wondering if the GoogleTalk app has  an "ICQ mode" that is enabled.



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