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I've downloaded a series called Dexter and everything was working alright until season 4 and now when I load the program it come up with this message


"The document “Dexter Season 4 Episode 01 - Living the Dream.avi” could not be opened. A required codec isn't available".


I need help to get this software.  I'm not sure why alll the other seasons are ok.



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    petermac87 Level 5 Level 5 (4,205 points)

    Did you pay for it? Ifs it's a pirated copy then that's what

    you get from stealing programs off the net. Where did you download it from??



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    Barney-15E Level 8 Level 8 (35,280 points)

    Perhaps that season was encoded differently.

    Where did you get the avi's from? Perhaps ask the distributor.


    Perian and Flip4Mac (both free, Perian no longer in development) can help quicktime play various codecs.

    VLC will play almost anything.

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    softwater Level 5 Level 5 (5,370 points)

    Be aware that a lot of malware is downloaded to users computers through tricks like this. When you click on that file if it gives you a link from which to download the said codec, do NOT click on it.


    If it's a genuine .avi file, download VLC to play it.