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When I downloaded OS 7 circa two weeks ago, I needed to re-establish/configure my internet sharing preferences.  I thought I entered all the correct information (VPN - WIFI) but I still can not connect to Netflix or ITUNES using my ATV (2). 


Every time I try to connect with my ATV, both NETFLIX and ITUNES say the are unavailable, please try again later.  I am able to access both NETFLIX and ITUNES on my MAC, so I believe the problem is with the Internet Sharing.  Any ideas?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    The latest version of OS X Lion has got an Internet Sharing bug, so you must wait for an update. Read this

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    The problem seems to be located within one of the programs called by:


    which were updated by the 10.7.4:



    It is a real shame when you think that this daemon (airportd) is still only able

    to provide WEP, 10 years after the public knowledge than this WEP is just:




    If someone suggest you to play with your preferences

    or to stop and start InternetSharing, be warned, this won't hold for more

    than 2 minutes.


    If you have a backup of 10.7.3: just roll back.


    If someone suggest you to reinstall your system from 10.7 and make all

    the update till the 10.7.3, suggest hime to correctly evaluate the waste of time

    before advising.