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Are the LED backlights used in Thunderbolt Display and MacBook Pro & Air displays RGB or White?


I strongly suspect that they must be white since Apple would probably say if they were the superior RGB type, but wanted to check and see if anyone in the community actually knows.


The reason I need to know is for calibration, i1profiler offers four backlight types CCFL, Wide Gammut CCFL, White LED and RGB LED.  I know they are one of the last two, but would be good to be sure which.

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    I'm fairly certain they are white as well.  Apple does not disclose this info and I don't think the displays are expensive enough to be RGB (even the retina).  They are also only 24-bit color.  RGB LED displays seem to be geared towards high-end professional use and cost several thousand dollars. (plenty of pro graphics people use Apple displays)


    I have a Macbook Air, Macbook Pro w/Retina and a Thunderbolt Display; I calibrate them all with i1profiler and things look great calibrated as white LED.  I also think they do well with a custom contrast ratio of 1000:1, but I like to have a few profiles around for switching between high and normal contrast depending on what I'm up to.

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    Thanks guys for confirming that it's "White LED".


    I use i1Profiler too and have always wondered, aside from setting contrast ratio to "native", what brightness setting should I set to using "fn+F1/F2" for the calibration?


    I don't want to set a level too low that makes the screen hard to see during the day or setting a level too high for accurate calibration. Thoughts?