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Old G4 (mirror doors) still running OS 10.3.9 has been working fine until recently when the Apple Cinema Display (with clear plastic frame and stand)  started acting up with weird colors making photos impossible to view and text too difficult to read. We all thought the display went out. Bought new Dell 23" flat screen. Son removed old display and hooked new Dell  up without turning off the computer. It worked beautifully--not a problem at all. I was back to working on graphics and layout. Thought all was fixed. However, we didn't turn off the computer for over a week. When I had to restart it for a Firefox problem, the display worked for about 10-12 seconds and then reverted to the same problem we experienced with the old Apple Display. Does this mean our video card driver went bad? Obviously the video card worked until the new display somehow got the "whole monty" of the software. The  screen fills up completely and there is no dark or light screen, only everything shows in weird colors with no clear resolution. The Radeon 9000 pro video card is installed in this model. What video card driver replacement do I need? And where is the card driver located, so I can pull it off first before I install a new one? I would very much appreciate some expert advice here.

Mac G4 mirrored doors