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Constant issues with invalid URL for known sites. Especially Facebook and Google. I think this has something to do with SSL as an error comes up in chrome to that effect.  Can ipad have trojans? What is problem/solution?


This error results in safari and chrome:


Invalid URL


The requested URL "/", is invalid.

Reference #9.9cb754b8.1342886798.8b8aae

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    Go to Settings > Safari > Clear history and Clear Cookies.

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    jsut a question, was my problem.  how many wifi devices you have pulling on your router.  this is exactly what my linksys router was doing when i had my laptop, my families 2 ipads, my families 2 iphones all fired up at the same time, authenticated on the router.  one would get dropped and of course be rerouted.  hour later it was an ipad, tomorrow it may be iphone.  turn a couple of your wifi cards off, if it works fine, you need a bigger router.  good luck.