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  • 90. Re: Can any one recommend a web hosting company
    Roddy Level 6 Level 6 (17,265 points)

    The main reason I stay with and recommend the hosting services I use is due to their tech support.


    In my experience, publishing problems never happen between 9 and 5 during the working week!


    Web hosting is an international business and everybody in it should be available 24/7 for phone, email and chat support.


    Rage are primarily a software development company and produce good applications. I can't imagine why they would want to go into the hosting business.


    In theory, publishing via the iWeb FTP is as easy as it can get. In practice, many of hosting services leave a lot to be desired and users don't seem to understand the importance of correctly formed file names and the path to the root folder.

  • 91. Re: Can any one recommend a web hosting company
    Jeff Nitschke Level 4 Level 4 (2,655 points)

    Just, because a company says they are a "iWeb friendly" web host doesn't make them a good or dependable web host. I have been with IX Webhosting for about 4 years now and the handful of minor issues I have had they have been real quick to resolve the issue "usally even by instant chat".



    "I may receive compensation for recommendations made in reference to the products or services in my links."

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    ragesw Level 2 Level 2 (230 points)



    This is Paul from RAGE Web Hosting.


    I just wanted to point out that the customer in question here was having iWeb related issues. NOT web hosting related issues.


    We provided step by step instructions on how to solve this problem. A few emails were slow because the issue was VERY unique and it takes time to investigate the problem and provide a solution. Again it was a problem with how the website was built in iWeb NOT our web hosting. It was also sent during a very busy weekend. We have since upgraded our systems.


    We do provide support at all hours of the day including email and live chat support in addition to our step by step video tutorials. Some issues can't be solved instantly, they take time to investigate.


    There is no other web hosting service that provides the countless free (and paid) resources for iWeb users including blog articles, step by step video tutorials and software. I can guarantee you that no other web host knows iWeb as well as we do.


    An "iWeb friendly" web hosting service will be much more helpful to you than any other web hosting provider. Go ahead and email iWeb questions to any other web hosting service. Roddy and Jeff, you are both more advanced users. Remember most users will need more iWeb specific help than you guys will.


    We work extremely hard to provide both web hosting and iWeb related help to our customers. Having an iWeb site without MobileMe can sometimes get a little technical but we provide all the resources to get iWeb users up and running as quickly as possible.


    This user had a unique set up with their web site and would have had to make these changes to their website no matter what web hosting service they choose. I am very confident that not many web hosting services would have been able to figure out what the issue was.

  • 93. Re: Can any one recommend a web hosting company
    jessika123 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    There are lot of Companies to providing  web hosting services. You choose your Web hosting services depending upon your needs and requirements and also best one..

    I would suggest http://www.thewebpole.com/. I am also hosting my websites in this sites.  The services cost is very affordable for me. It gives three plans Economy,Deluxe and Ultimate.you pick out anyone depending upon your needs.you can get windows or linux based services.

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