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The only way I can listen to the song I'm recording is to individually SOLO each track. I've looked up this issue and others have had it as far back as 2008.


Tried importing song, track by track, to a new song but tracks are wobbly - sounding. 


Apparently one of the ways this issue occurs is if you solo a track and delete the track before un-soloing, GB "remembers" the solo, and keeps it across the board. I've already saved and closed the song, so I can't un-delete the track - if that's even what the problem is.


Anyway, pretty frustrating as the only way I can now listen to this song is to solo every single track - then if I want to solo one track, I have to un-solo allllll the trackkkkkkks.


All other songs in my GB catalog are unaffected - just this one song.


Been using GB '11 since January, first time encountering this issue.


Using MAC OSZ V. 10.6.8

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11)