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I am running into some slight issues when using Aperture 3 and Photoshop CS6.


I have used Aperture 3 for quite some time. As part of my workflow, I use Nik Software plug-ins for quite some time. In order to fully understand the issue, it would be best to understand a bit about my workflow.


After I go out and shoot the images, I download the images onto my internal drive so that the images are managed within the library.


I then proceed to rate the images. When the library is imported all the photos get one star.


I then go in and star photos that deserve a two star rating.


With these photos I take all the two stared photos and use the NIk Define plug-in to decrease the noise of the images. After this process this outputs TIFF files that are placed into my library.


I then make all these new TIFF files that have the noise lessened to three stars.


Previous to my new workflow, I would go from here utilizing the NIk plug-ins and then further rating the images.


New Workflow:

From here I enabled Adobe Photoshop CS6 is an external editor.


I would export the images I would want to work on in Photomatix Pro to my desktop. After using Photomatix, I would open up the file in Photoshop without importing into Aperture.


After all my work is done in Photoshop, I would reimport the photo back into Aperture 3.


While the file was in Aperture 3, I would reopen it in Photoshop.


The file would show as my layers being applied but not shown. I think it was a flattened image file.


What I would like to do:

Be able to reopen with Photoshop photos in my Aperture library but continue preserving the layers from Photoshop.


Would I need to save the files as PSD files in order for this to work? Any thoughts?


Anyhow for device would be appreciated.

Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.6.4)