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Why doesnt Up To Date Program work?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    I lost patience and went ahead and spent $20 for the upgrade yesterday


    I'm hoping that Apple will refund this as a goodwill gesture (i have asked) but dont expect them to.


    Code just came through - so 36 hours in my case

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    Still no code for me. I know its not the end of the world and its only an OS update, not even a major one at that, and further to that, its not even getting huge positive reviews on it, BUT I am so dissapointed in Apple that they go ahead, build up some HUGE hype and excitement over a release and then dissapoint recent customers. Its lost all the excitement for me. I spent over $3000 on a new MBPr with the promise that you can get ML the day it is released, and Apple dont come good on their promise. It makes me feel like, now they have my money they dont really care about looking after me. Yet if you wanna pay money.....gee their system works sweet as. The very minute it was released you could buy it for $20 on the App Store, which seemed to have no problems at all....ha ha. Even after calling Apple, all they could say is wait 72 hours then if you have no code ring us back.


    What they should have said to customers is the day it is release you can fill out a form and when we get back you, then you can redeem it. Otherwise, if you want ML the day it comes out gauranteed, you need to buy it.

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    I understand your disappointment. However I have been around for a long time and I am afraid it is a reality that sometimes things do not go as planned. For most people things go smoothly. For some there are problems.


    I can assure you that Apple is one of the most caring companys out there, although there is a human element in everything, and with the complexity of modern systems it is amazing that things run as smoothly as they usually do.


    The biggest lesson one can learn over the years is that it is always wisest to wait until after the initial release to upgrade, when the initial clitches are worked out. The reality is there are always some.


    Hope you get some resolution soon





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    I've received email from Apple to inform me that "Receipt is missing part number"... Same reply after resubmission. For MBP13 Part number is MD101CR/A?

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    Could you imagine that after two weeks, five times submitting the same information, four phone calls with Apple Care and about 10 emails to the up to date program I still haven't got a code? This after having bought a MacBook Pro Retina Display in the Apple Online Store - so they have all information available at Apple anyway?


    Sorry, Apple. This is by far the most disappointing experience I ever made. Nobody was able to help me - the only way was to re-submit and re-submit and re-submit...  It feels like Dell - not Apple I knew before.

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    I am also having a hard time gettting my redemention code for Mountain Lion.


    I just purchased a Refurbished iMac 27" which is "Eligible for Mountain Lion Up To Date program"

    It is even stated on the Apple Store for all the refurbished units.



    I sent the info in via the Up To Date program link but it was returned saying this computer did not qualify.


    Sorry, but my computer does qualify for the up to date program.

    The computer is FC813LL/A which is on the list of "Qualifying Refurbished Systems" here:

    http://www.apple.com/osx/uptodate/osx-upgrade-qualifying-refurbished-systems.htm l


    So, I sent in the receipt from the Apple Online store again.

    I have the computer, I have the bill, my credit card was charged, but still they say the computer does not qualify.


    Anyone else having similar problems?


    I have contacted Customer Service and they are trying to figure out why it keeps coming back telling me it is not eligible. So far, they can't figure it out but do confirm that my computer is eligible according to the links giving above.. My computer is on the Up To Date program list.


    Hopefully they can get this straightened out as another friend of mine also purchased a refurbished unit and is having the same problem.