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    malincal Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    I've been battling this problem on a Win7 system running iTunes  I had migrated the music off a Vista system, using the easy tranfer utility. Several songs purchased from itunes ended at random times prematurely.  I copied the .m4p files to an Apple computer and another windows system and played the music successfully.  Tried everything everyone mentioned.  After reading joyofsoy's post, I deleted all the iTunes Librarys under the Libraries\Music\iTunes folder and had iTunes refind the music  "Add Folder to Library."  This finally fixed the problem.


    In one test, I had moved one folder/album of music to a different location on the computer and a song that had exhibited the problem was fixed.  I moved another album to the same location and a misbehaving song still had the problem.  Very strange. 


    Now I need to work on a iCloud photo streaming problem...

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    wuzzup91 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I was having this problem with albums I downloaded. This fixed the problem!  Thanks!

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    JuliaV Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I think I figured it out:


    Delete the song, and choose not to keep the file.


    Go to the premade Purchased Playlist. At the bottom of the window, there should be an option that allows you to download previously purchased items.



    Search for your song, re download.


    Best of luck!

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    I've been having this same issue for MONTHS. Today I decided I would win. So I started to do reserach and discovered that our songs are now 'cloud ready'. You need to download the cloud software prior to doing the following:


    You can redownload your songs and this will fix the issue. What I had to do (and please, do experiment, I don't want you to lose your library) was delete all the effected songs from my library. I did just one or two at first, and it worked, so I took the leap. After you delete the effected songs, go to the Itunes Store. On the right hand side there is a quick link called "purchased". Click that. Veiw "Songs not on this computer" and you'll see the songs you deleted. Re-download them from the cloud and tadah, your music is back.


    This is tiresome, and irksome, but it's better than having a bunch of corrupted halfway playing files on your Ipod or desktop. WHY they let it get this bad and that it took such a long time to figure a fix, I have no idea.


    Good luck!

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    This is the fix that worked for me...I had a download of Big Head Todd and the Monsters with three bad tracks - When I when to the Purchased Music Links there they were - all with a Cloud Icon to the right of the title. I clicked download all and those three came down again and now they play. Make sure you delete the old truncated versions first. Good luck folks

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    Yes, re-downloading is the answer. I've had and continue to have this problem of a small number of songs getting downloaded corrupt when updatings songs via iTunes Match.


    Deleting and re-downloading from iTunes Match is the only solution I have found for the problem as I am having it: the songs ARE corrupted for me, and it's not just a metadata problem. When I open the songs in an audio editing program you can see that the audio just isn't there: the data stops before the end of the song (somewhere between 50% and 70% through the piece, usually). So copying it to another computer or re-importing it won't fix anything.

    The problem is that iTunes doesn't KNOW which of the songs I've matched-then-downloaded via iTunes Match are bad, and I won't know either until I happen to play one that skips before it ends.


    Here's the only solution I've found that will inspect these songs one at a time and list the bad ones:

    Create a Playlist of all songs you've downloaded (upgraded) via iTunes Match.

    Plug in an iPod (etc.) and wipe out whatever songs are on it already.

    In the iTunes setting for that iOS device, tell it to recompress the songs to 128k AAC as it puts the songs onto the iOS device.

    Now sync that entire Playlist to the device and wait.

    Result: all songs that cannot be down-converted by iTunes to 128k AAC (because the song data is bad) will be listed in the resulting error dialog.

    Here's the total suck part: iTunes doesn't let you save that list of errors off to a text file. You have to do one or more screen captures and save off the list, then manually go find those songs, delete them and re-download them from iTunes Match. Total PIA but it's the best I have come up with, since I can find no other utility or means to batch-check that these files are valid.

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    I, too, am having this problem.  I've discovered that others in my department at work are having this problem too, prompting me to look here for even more.  I've been fighting with iTunes to have files redownloaded as I don't have time to figure out which ones are corrupt.  I've finally been able to have them reque all of my purchases (no easy task and they reprimand you like a three year old for asking) but not everything I purchased is available now because either a "file has been deleted or modified by the content provider."  I know that a good majority of my files fit in the this latter category so downloading them isn't an option.  Basically, the message I'm getting from iTunes support is that I should have had a back up to the back up to the back up, on and on.  If I can't download a purchased item that has been modified then I am basically forced to repurchase the item if I want it again; sounds quite shady to me.  I'm APPALLED that Apple has essentially done NOTHING to remedy the issue.  Furthermore, they have made it out to be *my problem* due to corrupt files when they've known all along that this has been a known issue that numerous users have experienced.  I guess I'll have to go back to purchasing physical CDs. 

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    Rick Uldricks Level 1 Level 1 (65 points)

    Same problem here. I just reformatted my drive, installed a clean version of Mountain Lion, reinstalled all of my apps, and reinstalled all of my itunes music from backup. Now, random (only itunes purchased) songs are ending about halfway thru. This is beyond aggravating. I'll try some of the things suggested here, but my library is huge - about 24,000 songs. Apple really needs to fix this.

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    I have a similar problem, it's like iTunes or even my iPhone! just get distracted like when walking a dog and their ears just pop up and have an intense stare at a cat just half way through a track. The annoying thing is I don't know which ones out of my 2410 tracks are fudged and which aren't.


    I had the main problem when subscribing to iTunes match, I had all my music working fine on iTunes & iPhone including artwork and info up to date then one click on the mouse and updating a setting on my phone and BANG! ALL the music gets removed from the phone and only about half got re downloaded!


    So I've reverted to iTunes match off on my phone so I can have all my music (thank you very much apple ¬_¬)


    I really don't want to have to go through redownloading & ripping the "distracted" tracks because theres so many! I hope a fix comes along soon and hopefully I won't have the impossible task of going through EVERY track to check if it plays all the way through.


    The annoying thing is I haven't a clue where half the CD's are now UGH!


    Atleast thanks to iTunes match I can redownload most of them (if anyone want's to know simply delete the file with the cloud next to them, then its just greyed out and you can download again for free, but like I said its not the fact I have to do it, its the fact I DON'T know which songs work properly and which get "distracted")

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    This is now a well-established bug.  Why hasn't Apple fixed it?!?  I'm exactly like you, I don't want to have to go through my entire library (approx 3000 songs) to fix this.  If Apple can have Genius go thorugh my library and update its databased, it should be able to go through my library and update the metadata for songs to get their durations corrected.

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    I have the same issue too. The great apple DRM rip off continues. Firstly I cant use my music on my own mp3 player, then I can't even pay for the privilege as not all my songs are even on iTunes plus, then I cant copy them and import again to get the DRM off.




    And its NOT a corrupt file issue as an album I was burning to disc that wouldn't do it yesterday has worked today. Now the next album isn't working.

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    Ron Tavalin on dotmac Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)



    I have the same problem as everyone else affecting only music downloaded from Apple. I've had to use a combination of things: Time Machine to restore some song files (but this doesn't always work), re-adding some songs to teh library works sometimes, re-downloading purchased music after deleting the files from iTunes has worked in some cases (but not all of my purchased music is available to be re-downloaded).


    I'm going to try the suggestion to create a new library and see if it works. Like veryone else, I'm not going to go through 35 GB of data to find out what's messed up and what's not... *!*# DRM!

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    zpearl Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    It seems as if your fix is the best one for purchased as well as CD's that were ripped to iTunes.  I have one question, I've created a new library name and when I go to File-Library-Import Playlist I don't see an XML file.  What is the path to its location?  Is the XML an extension?  What is the full name of the file.


    Thanks very much for your help,



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    zpearl Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    Thank you for your post.  I spent the last hour re-doing my Library based on your recommendation and it was successful.  Over 5,000 songs, a mix of purchased and my CD's ripped to iTunes, and the hundreds that had become "half-songs" are now fully functional.


    Given the number of people who are suffering from this problem, I'm surprised Apple has not officially addressed it.  It seems to be of their doing but getting someone to take responsibility is a bigger problem.


    Thanks again for your efforts.



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    I GOT IT!!!!! I had the same problem as other people here - my songs cutting off too soon, but at the same point for all of the songs in a particular purchased CD. This method totally worked for me and it's pretty quick and painless!


    Step 1: File > Library > Export Library. Save the XML file somewhere convenient to find.

    Step 2: Highlight all of your songs in your iTunes library and delete them (yes, trust me on this).

    Step 3: File > Library > Import Library. Select the XML file you saved in step 1.


    That's it! Then just sync your iPod and you're good to go!