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I though others would be interested in this news announced today...and maybe this is the best forum/community to mention it.


Article at; http://www.idownloadblog.com/2012/07/26/steve-jobs-added-to-times-20/


I guess the question would be: Does he deserve it? (Some are asking)


I'd say: Yes.


Other's, I read, already upset at putting Steve in a list of The Top 20 Most Influential Americans.




The others on the list?


  • George Washington
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Sacagawea, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Sitting Bull
  • Alexander G. Bell
  • Thomas Edison
  • Henry Ford
  • Wright Brothers
  • Margaret Sanger
  • Albert Einstein
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Louis Armstrong
  • James Watson
  • Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Muhammad Ali




I posted this comment (below), on the Brit Financial Times site, where I first read this news.



INTIAL COMMENT...(to a 'non-Mac' forum)


"Not everybody might know but for those who have been longtime Apple users, we get a tremendous amount of trash talk tossed our way; what is wrong with those people, I always wondered? Would you expect such judgement for the car you buy? Your brand of shoes? Etc. Now that Apple has proved itself to be a brilliant financial success (and Mr. Jobs passed on), some....i.e. Some people have a more reasonable approach and do wonder what was the 'magic' behind the scenes that made this truly milestone moment in world business and technology. I'd suggest these few points:

1. "It just works," (as Steve often said). i.e. less frustration and great effort to make products intuitive and integrated.

2. "It's now on sale" -- When Jobs announced new software or hardware, you could go buy it tomorrow; not like vaporware...not like Window8 now and all it's previous version...or the MS/Windows first tablet..people talking great or having opinions on a product that won't even be released for 8 more months or something...just crazy.

3. Products are consistently, regularly improved; often at no extra cost.

4. Apple made BOTH the computer AND the software to run it, thus apps fit and worked like hand in glove; this is something I appreciated the most myself...it was like driving a BMW rather than a Ford Fiesta, etc. (or whatever car comparisons you like better).



Thanks for your article. Good to read the news. RIP Mr. Jobs; good work."

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    Jobs is not on there just because of the Mac. (I am currently reading his biography) He is there because he transformed many disparate industries: Computers, Phones, Movies (via Pixar) and Music (iPod and iTunes).


    Of course, he was a jerk, too.

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    Yes, I agree about how "he transformed many disparate industries: Computers, Phones, Movies (via Pixar) and Music (iPod and iTunes)."  and this was probably a factor in his selection for list.


    Re: Being a jerk. Everybody is a jerk one way or the other and alas our Media spotlight tends to focus on that. I've noticed, for example, that both the President of the United States AND the candidate running against him BOTH have critics.. often by people who don't come close to their abilities or life.


    People are less perfect than we pretend to be, or the way folks try to make phony saints; even saints ain't perfect; I'm not perfect.


    What is most valuable, I think, is how in this imperfect world, with our imperfect humanity, some people make greatness. Steve Jobs made greatness.

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    Muhammad Ali??  But not Thomas J Watson?

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    I know! I know! It's an amazing list. Just the very bold idea of a major mainstream magazine making a list of 20 most all-time influential...and to have such unexpected names!


    Pretty gutsy, I thought.


    I watched part of the Olympic Opening ceremonies yesterday and liked the music & video 'Digital Age,' segment and many folks thought the selection of songs was 'pretty gutsy'


    What I liked about both -- They were not stuck in the "old fashioned."

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    I am not saying he should *not* be on the list because he treated people badly, for all I know, all the people on the list are jerks. But Steve Jobs seemed to have hurt *everyone* he came in contact with, that was his nature.


    In retrospect, I shouldn't have said anything, but it really stands out in the Isaacson biography.

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    @Keith - I think a Discussion is for 'discussion,' and the point you make has definite been highlighted in the first round of Jobs books and documentaries since his death. I just responded with the idea that "everyone" probably has a bit of being a jerk in them, the rather classic idea: "Nobody is perfect."


    I do feel, too, that we live in a very intense time of Trash Talk (and polarization), perhaps seemingly intensified by social media and Internet forums where any 'jerk,' can make their views public most easily.


    Perhaps bio author Isaacon is a bit of a jerk. Perhaps other Jobs' critics aren't perfect people. Even more so, perhaps are expectation and hopes for heroes or business, cultural or political leaders, etc. are unrealistic.


    It strikes me that Steve Jobs wanted to make great products; I appreciate that and happy to have several of them in what it now being recognized and called, by some, "The Digital Age." (Mentioned and a significant theme in this week's Opening Ceremonies of the London 2012 Olympics; and the honor of acknowledgement given to Tim Berners-Lee, the one person given most credit for creating the World Wide Web with a truly visionary idea).


    Of course Tim Berners-Lee didn't do it by himself, which he makes a point of, nor did the idea suddenly begin and end with him, and probably a media microscope might reveal some flaws; my point, he made greatness and I'm thankful for it and it influences my life, the nation and the world; same for Jobs, imo. And it was nice....and impressive to see that being acknowledged, as in this Time's Magazine list.