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Recently, we decided to use some arabic webfonts from fonts.com in our projects, but we have had trouble with ios safari arabic webfont rendering. It's really ridiculous and amazing!!!


I checked different fonts with different format(ttf, svg) from different online font hosting services. (fonts.com, fontdeck.com, ...) but the Arabic characters didn't display with my fonts and it just displayed by default (I think it's Arial) font by ios safari!

I am sure that the fonts download but the characters doidn't show with my font typeface! because, interesting, I tested with other fonts (the glyphs English numbers in these fonts replace with arabic numbers) so when safari rendering the fonts it showed the numbers with correct fonts (webfonts) but it didn't show the arabic character!! :-)

I checked all those fonts in Mac and PC with Safari, Chrome, FF, IE, everyrhing is ok in both platform but in ios it has problem?!!

I want to know that, Is this problem/bug from ios Safari that resolve in ios6 or this is apple policy that don't show any other fonts?!!! (Think Different!!?? )


How can I tell the apple this problem, because with this bug or policy we cannot use the great fonts that designer designed with whole efforts. Is there any issue tracker or bug report from Apple that we can tell them this?



safari, iOS 5.1.1