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I attempted to update the firmware on my iTouch 1G from 2.2.1 to 3.1.3. However, when I did so, iTunes gave me an message saying that something was wrong with the firmware and it did not update. After the message, my iTouch was turned off, so I turned it on. When I did, it gave me the picture telling me to plug the USB into the computer to connect it to iTunes. I did, but iTunes did not sense the device. Now, whenever I try to turn it on, the picture appears and after a few seconds, the iTouch turns itself back off. Basically, my iTouch stopped working. I tried restarting the computer, and updating iTunes. I also tried using the 'Misconfig' method I found on the Apple Support page. I searched up methods on Google but I could not find an answer. What should I do?

iPod touch, iOS 2.x, iPod Touch 1st Generation 2.2.1