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My 4 Generation Ipod Touch's home button no longer works, can i get this fixed or will i just have to trade it in for a new one?

and on a side note, for a while now its been turning the volume up on its own, Never been dropped or suffered any water damage. Is this fixable as well?

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    I suggest for you to check this page if your home button no longer works:





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    I had that exact same problem. I went to apple and they said that the problem could be caused by many reasons. For the volume. Underneath the buttons for the volume is a small plastic strip that is touch sensitive. So when you push the volume button to turn it up or down. It hits that strip that sends a signal to the "brain of the phone" If that strip gets bent, water-damage, and a speck of dirt. It can really mess with it. Mine did that for about a month or two, and it was really annoying. Especially when I was in school, and my phone would start playing music out of the blue. And for the home button, mine is doing that right now for me. But it is basically the same concept. If you had left you phone in the car for any reason. The strip underneath the home button could have melted. But remember water-damage and dirt are always another reason. Sometime I have to shut my phone off and back on because I can't get off an app into the home. I also took that to apple and the fixed both by replacing the strip located underneath the two. I hope this helps. Taking it to apple can be kind of costly though.

    ;) ~ Best wishes IHaveThatProblemToo

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    hello! my 4th gen iPod touch: when I just want home screen, I click it like normal, often nothing, sometimes brings up the "recently used app" underbar, click again, goes back to whatever I was using before i clicked for home screen, this can go on many many times until I am forced to wildly click the button in systematically differently timed intervals until I get the home screen I originally wanted but all the while- "recently used app" underbar bounces up and down over and over and over until ive had enough. sometimes I have to hold the button to almost the point where voice control opens and it often does and then more frustration happens. how did apple go so backwards from their original iPod touch which functioned perfectly, to the newer version which utterly fails to perform simply flawlessly like its predecessor? I thought technology only got better and better as time goes on. but as for the iPod touch, 2009 technology works much better than 2012 technology. I'd stick to my 2009 itouch if only the screen was t cracked causing the display to flail up and down vigorously as my finger hovers half an inch above the screen. when I do use my old itouch I am amazed at how flawlessly the home screen button works. I've tried to monkey with accessibility functions to no desired outcome. thanks.