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I love Notes but it was so unreliable in Snow Leopard & Lion that I rarely used it.


Seperating it from Mail seemed like a good idea and step in the right direciton.


Unfortunaly, even in Mountain Lion it's still buggy and unusable.  Here's the issue:


1. You cannot use & or * in the title of your folders

2. If you do, it will show up/display ok on your mac, but the folder will show up on your iOS devices as New Folder(1,2,3,etc)

3. So you'll have a folder named R&D on your mac, but it will be called New Folder on your iOS devices

4. The reason appears to be that the file system on iOS (and mac) can't handle '&' or '*' and OS X actually creates a folder in finder with the same name as the folders in Notes.

5. If you put anything in the folder with these characters in the name (& and *) the note seems to randomly show up in another folder on the iOS device.


It's pretty crazy.  It would be nice if the app (in OS X) simply 'fixed' or denied certain folder namees.

Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Apple's operating systems have their roots in unix and those 2 characters (& and *) have special significance. I cannot see it ever being possible to use those in the file system.


    But I agree, their apps really ought to handle it better.