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I did a clean install of Mountain Lion and am running Safari 6.0 and Mail 6.0. I used TimeMachine to reload my applications and documents/data but did not reload Settings.


Problem:  when I try to email a web page from Safari, using the Share button in the toolbar, I am gettind a permanent hang-up.


Mail opens a second instance - that is two Mail icons appear in the dock - and, if "share as a webpage" or "share as a pdf" ar selected, a new message window opens but the the beach ball spins and the page/pdf fails to load. When this happens the only way to close Mail is to use the Force Quit command. CMD+Q is ineffective.


If, instead of sharing as a webpage/pdf, sharing as a link is selected, things proceed normally so the problem seems to reside bewteen Safari and Mail.


Anyone else experiencing this problem?  Found a solution? Is this a bug that will require a software update from Apple?


Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion