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Why do the podcasts I subsribe to on my iPod Classic play in reverse order - most recent first...?  It is very annoying as if you want to play two or three consecutively you have to start each one manually.

iPod classic, Windows XP
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    It appears to be a limitation of the iPod Classic. A work-round to enable playing episodes consecutively is to create an On-The-Go Playlist on the iPod, putting the Podcasts in the order you prefer (correct date order - I get it). Shuffle must be off, see below.


    Since Podcasts are set (by iTunes) to Skip when shuffling, you can set the iPod to Shuffle (on the Settings/Shuffle menu, not the Now Playing menu). Then play just the one episode you want. You'll notice that the Now Playing display shows 1 of 1. When that episode finishes playing, the iPod will stop. You can then choose the next (date order) episode that you wish to play.


    You may of course prefert the first (playlist) option if you want to listen to several episodes without reaching for the controls at the end of each episode. I mention the second option so that you know how to.

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    i do not want to sound like I believe in conspiracies, but I think this is on purpose by Apple. I tested downloading and podcasts on my daughters iPhone and that podcast loaded correctly and plays in the correct order. I think Apple is forcing little problems into their iPod classics so that people will want to buy a new product.

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    sob_apple wrote:


    i do not want to sound like I believe in conspiracies, but I think this is on purpose by Apple.


    It sounds like you do, especially since you have posted the same thought to another post as well!


    You can believe in whatever you want, but note that this is a discussion about the iPod Classic, which is still a current model and it's in the iPod Classic discussions section.


    I own an iPod Classic and I, probably along with other Classic owners, sent feedback to Apple about the limitations of the Classic when dealing with Podcasts. Since then, the iPhone and iPod Touch have arrived on the scene and as you say, deal with Podcasts in a better manner. I also own an iPod Touch, so I know.

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    There never seems to be enough space in forums to clearly communicate everything.


    I forgot to mention in my last post that I do own an iPod classic (80G). Not sure how old, but over 2.5 years for sure.


    Thus, I have confirmed that the same podcast plays in the correct order on an iPhone, but plays in reverse order on my iPod classic.  My old iPod classic use to play podcasts in the correct order BEFORE the last update.  I have not verified what order podcast play on new iPod classics. As new iPod classics are 160G now (not 80G, which have been obsolesced), I know that my iPod classic’s firmware will not be the same as the new ones (even with up to date firmware install).


    To repeat another way, my old iPod classic will always have a different “Operating System” than new iPod classics. Therefore, I am not sure what order a new iPod classic will play a podcast without actually having one.


    Anyhow,  “the fiend”, I am listening to any reasonable explanation as to why a manufacturer would change the play order of an older device to “reverse order”, but have their new products play in a normal, common sense order???

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    My iPod Classic has (as far as I recall) always played Podcasts in reverse date order.


    I'm not offering a reasonable explanation for Apple's decision to design it that way, mainly because there is no reasonable explanaton. It flies in the face of all known common sense. It's bonkers!


    It does however, suggest to me that the designers don't download Podcasts. Even Apple get it wrong sometimes.


    Hopefully though, Davjam has a couple of options that should help him/her listen to Podcasts in the correct order.

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    I actually have an answer for this - first time ever.


    When you want to listen to podcasts on an ipod classic in chronological order, here's what to do. Navigate to the list of different podcasts (NOT the list of individual episodes of just one podcast, the screen before that), float the selector over the podcast you want to listen to and push the play button. This will start them playing from the earliest episode onwards.


    Helpful? Or maybe I misunderstood the question. Hope not.

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    But in my iPod Classic (120GB), if I select a podcast list and I push the play button (I mean the central button) I'll see the next screen, i.e. the list of the individual episodes. It starts to play nothing. Perhaps my iPod is different to yours.

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    Thank you all for your assistance - play list seems to be the only way to go, or play them one at a time!  My iPod is about two years old and it plays podcasts in reverse order (just for the record).

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    zanoli --

    1) Make sure "shuffle" is off (be sure to do this before step 2) in "settings"

    2) Make sure to press the play buttton (NOT the center button) to go into the podcast group.


    The ipod should start playing in the correct order.


    This process almost always work for me. I admitt not every time. I've had to go into a playlist first sometimes and start playing some random song in that playlist. Then back out and go into "podcasts" and then uses the steps above.


    Best of Luck.