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After waiting a few days to download OS X Mountain lion, I finally installed it on my new MacBook with retina display a couple days ago. I love the interface and all the new features, but I've noticed some problems I really need to resolve. I'm constantly downloading large files and I noticed thhis change:


Before, on Lion, I could download files from Safari or the Internet and the computer would sleep whenever it was set to on energy preferences and the download would resume. This would let the computer conserve energy so the download could progress further when on battery. Now, I noticed that my computer never goes to sleep! Its set to have the display sleep in 5 minutes and the computer in 15 on both battery and when plugged in, but it never does either. I don't know if it has to do with the fact that power nap is on even when using battery. So now the Mac is constantly on when downloading something and instead of downloading a one gigabyte file that would take up 15% of my battery, it takes up 60% since it never sleeps. When I tried downloading something and then manually putting the computer to sleep, the download was interrupted and it said Wi-Fi connection lost so I have to start the download over again.


That's basically all three problems in one situation. I even put the brightness all the way on low so the screen is black when downloading, but it still uses up much more battery than before. Can someone help find a solution?

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion