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My computer is an iMac Intel (mid-2006 - white) presently running Snow Leopard.  I was having some speed issues and accidently lost all my photos in iPhoto, so I took the computer to the Apple Store to retrieve the photos and give it an overall check-up.  I told them I was thinking of upgrading to Mt. Lion and wanted it to be ready with upgraded memory, and to make sure everything else was as it needs to be for the upgrade.  (Turns out I have to buy and install the memory myself as they don't carry those disks anymore, but it's fine)  I will have 4 G's when I get my memory installed.  Everything else should meet the requirements.


Later, when I got my computer back I was reading the specs for Mt. Lion and see that I need to have the mid-2007 or later model of iMac.  When I was in the store I talked to a total of 3 Geniuses and not one mentioned that my computer might be too old for the upgrade, even though I talked about the upgrade with all of them.  They told be with the extra memory I should be all set.


My question now is will the upgrade work or not on my machine?  I don't want to mess anything up by trying to download something that won't work.


Thank You!