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I have a Snow Leopard Server used primarily as a file server, it has been running for about 2.5 years and has been working just fine for the most part, this morning however I am having a strange issue with it that only seems to be affecting some of my users.


Basically, when I go to Connect to Server and enter the server address it will take 3 or 4 minutes before actually bringing up the screen that asks for logon credentials. Out of about 100 users on this server I know of at least two it is happening with so far, I am not sure if the problem is with the clients (all  running Snow Leopard) or with the server. Once the login screen finally pops up I can log in and everything seems to work fine.


I have verified it is not a problem with the physical network because if I unplug the ethernet cable from one of the machines that is giving me the problem and plug my laptop into it everything works fine from the laptop (connecting to afp as the same user). I also found that creating a new user on one of the machines that is giving me problems also allows me to connect as log as I am logged into that user account, if I log back in to the original account the problem recurrs.


If anyone has any ideas what to look for here I would greatly appreciate it.


Thank you.


Roark Holz

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    Apple Enterprise tech support ended up helping me solve this. It turned out that changing the Authentication method for afp from "Any Method" to "Standard" seemed to fix the problem. I still am not sure what triggered the trouble to start just this morning but for now all seems well.

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    This issue is extremely widespread and started yesterday.  It's unclear what caused it as there was no software update or external event that we know of to explain it.


    10.7 clients connecting to 10.6 server... GO > Connect to Server> (URL).... takes a very long time for the login to come up.   Browsing to the server via bonjour (if possible network wise) works fine.


    The *fix* is to remove from the user's prefs folder....


    rm ~/Library/Preferences/.GlobalPrefereces.plist*


    (be careful!)


    and then reboot the system.