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I installed ML and after I did that saw there was an update for Aperture 3.  So, I updated to 3.3.2.  Now, when I open up Photo Stream, it does not update.  My phone and iPad both update with the stream but not Aperture.  I checked all my settings and that is enabled.  Any clue as to the problem?



iMac, OS X Mountain Lion
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    I have to wonder if this problem is somehow server related. I did had this problem, even over multiple restarts of Aperture. I fired up Aperture this morning and the sync worked.


    A couple of things that may contribute:


    1. This is a start of a new month. I wonder if that played into it.


    2. I rename my Photo Stream Project so that they will display in order alphabetically. Can't say if I had renamed a project of an active month previously, but I know i did that for July. The funny thing is my renamed July Project still synced correctly. In the future, I think I'll wait until the month is over to rename the project.