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Hi guys I've found a few threads on here about podcast statistics but they are archived and none of them really give a thorough idea of how to get to stats. I've written an article that could be helpful for people called 7 important metrics for podcasters. You can check out that link or here is a summary.


  1. Download tracking - Buzzsprout or Blubbry
  2. Subscribers - Feedburner
  3. Oopt ins - MailChimp or Aweber
  4. Reviews - iTunes
  5. Social media - Klout, Facebook insights, Twilert
  6. Comments - Disqus
  7. Site visits and listener location - Google Analytics
  8. Ebook downloads - Server stats, Analytics or S3 Stat


I hope you find it useful.





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    The most important thing with podcast statistics is to host on a services whose main function is podcasting and that offer up podcast specific stats package.  Make sure they filter stats to take out duplicate requests for downloads as well.  If they are not applying some algorithm to their stats they are not going to be accurate


    Straight server logs from most website hosting type services do not adequately count downloads for podcasts - they tend to way over inflate the numbers.


    Look for a service like Libsyn.com which is just for podcast hosting for your stats if you want to get an accurate count of your downloads.




    Rob W


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    Agreed, much like the difference between web stats and something like Analytics. Server stats always overstate, in a lot of cases dramatically.