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The device has already been activated on the Rogers network in Canada, but roaming charges for data are very high.

I would like to be able to get an AT&T (or other) microSIM when in the states on business, but not sure if the activation process has locked the iPad to Rogers now?

Can anyone at Apple comment on what my options are?

I've called AT&T in the US, and they are not sure. I've also called Rogers, and they have no idea.

Intel iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.8), also a WXP MCE2k5
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    DonFromCanada wrote:
    Can anyone at Apple comment on what my options are?

    You won't get an official answer from Apple in these forums. Try an Apple Store.

    To my knowledge, the iPad is sold unlocked in every country, so you should be able to swap the SIM card. It may need to download a profile for the new mobile provider, though, so you may need an internet connection to actually activate the new card.
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    In the USA you can go to any AT&T (But I would call first) and get a micro SIM. You signup on the iPad and need a USA credit card and address. Some people have bought a Walmart or other prepaid card in the USA and use a USA address like the one where you are staying.
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    The iPad is not locked. You can put any sim card in. I was given Rogers, Bell and Telus cards when I bought mine.

    Roaming charges are a rip off... when I go abroad I switch data roaming off, and just to make sure switch cellular data off too! I'm never far from a wifi connection (hotel, coffee shops etc.) and download emails etc then.

    If you need GPS you might have no choice, and you might want to look at buying a pre-paid sim card (if they have them).
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    I've seen AT&T micro sims advertised on EBAY for about $8, seems expensive but they are fairly new.
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    I do it all the time. Bought my iPad in Canada with a Rogers SIM. Then I ordered a SIM card from AT&T website. It is listed as a "replacement SIM" for those who lost their original SIM card for their iPad.

    Caught some grief from ATT, they held up my order because I didn't have it an associated'account' with them. They tried to tell me I had to have a phone account... ummm no.

    Made it clear that is NOT how the data plan was designed and asked to speak to a supervisor... 5 minutes later I had clearance to get the SIM card. Had it sent to an US address.

    I am across the border every 2-3 weeks.. switching the SIM card between Rogers & ATT works wonderfully. I highly recommend it!
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    A note.. the ATT SIM card was $15 direct from them.

    When the ATT card was in, I used the cellular data settings on the iPad to set up a monthly 3G pay as you go, access $15/month for 250MB, same as Rogers.

    The usage works the same as Rogers as well.
    If you don't use it you lose it. It automatically renews at the end of 30 days.
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    Thanks for the info Bridgestone (after much googling, this was the one most helpful). I'm a Canadian resident who is visiting family in the US over the holidays and was going to have them go to an AT&T store, get/buy a micro-SIM card, and mail it to me so I could use it the moment I touch down. Is there any information (iPad serial number ICCID, etc..) AT&T would need when they give the card out? I know I will need credit card info and such once I install the card, it is more a question of the info needed when getting the card itself.

    Thanks again!
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    No problem using an AT&T Sim card in the use with a Canadian iPad. Go over, either buy a SIM from AT&T or go to an Apple store, tell them your card failed and need a new one and you'll get another "replacement" card for free (I did this twice). Now the problem. You can't use a CANADIAN VISA with AT&T. So go to your local Walgreens, and buy a VISA Gift card, then pick any US Mailing address and voila, you've got Internet over the border. I've done this twice. Once in August and the second in October, and it works great. I bought the 1 month plan, went on my vacation, used the data, and canceled before crossing back into Canada, so that at the end of the month it will be deactivated. Keep your Sim card, and use it again for your next trip.

    I hope this helps.
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    I can confirm the first part of what Flux said above. Things have not changed. I could *not* use my Canadian Visa CC to activate an AT&T sim card in the USA. Spent almost an hour at an AT&T store in California two weeks ago, and despite repeated attempts and helpful suggestions from the sales staff, there was no way to use my Canadian credit card. They mentioned the gift card, but I doubted the idea and had run out of patience by then so didn't try it. So AT&T looses out on my business in the USA. Too bad for them.

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    I just tried to register an AT&T SIM with a Green Dot pre-paid Visa card. Does NOT work. The card has to be "activated" before you can use it, which requires a valid US SSN (social security number). Seems this requirement is fairly recent. I just hope I can get a refund now.

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    I am new to this forum.


    I have a Canadian new iPad 4G, was in the Detroit area Friday trying to activate on AT&T.


    The Apple store provided a micro SIM. I tried to activate using a US Bank prepaid debit card, pretty sure it had $15 balance, it did not work. The AT&T store would accept my Canadian credit card for post paid plan, they will not allow Canadian card for Pre paid.


    I do not have or want an Amex.


    Has anyone have success activating a 4G iPad.


    I know the tricks to use US address, what type of credit cards, likely prepaid have worked. AT&T advised me the credit card my have your name embossed on the card. There must be prepaid cards that will work, any recommendations?



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    Here is what works

    Have  iPad 4G, a AT&T microsim

    Amex prepaid  'Gift card' from Walgreens. Not 'reloadable'. That one

    Asks for SSN no, etc. to register.

    But gift card won't work because online purchases want to match

    Name and address with credit card.  Gift card doesn't have that info. So I called

    Service number for the card, spoke to rep, she undestood the drill. She added my

    Full name and my US hotel address to my record for this gift

    Card number.   Tried again with gift card no.

    Name and address and presto, it worked.