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My videos (from iPhone mostly) were in my iPhoto, but my computer was having problems and was re-imaged. Now the videos are only showing up as a single picture. How do I get my videos back? Is there any way? I am heartbroken - videos of my now 2 year old are all gone. I think I was changed to the new iPhoto (version 9.2.3)?

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    What does "re-imaged" mean? Who did this? Have you a back up? Did the person who 're-imaged' the machine make one first?






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    They made a copy, wiped out the original and then re-imported the copy. Right now, they are trying to see if they still have an outside copy, but it's not looking promising.

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    I've been having issues with iphoto. All softeare is up to date running Mac OX S. It keeps crashing. Very large file. 350 mb on external HD (WD- backed up 2 x) but running in iMac with 1.82 T free.

    It keeps repairing and now I have lost most all the videos. I see where they are but they are blank.