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I think this is a long-standing bug.


Occasionally MacOS Mail stops processing new mail in an Exchange mailbox.  Bringing up the "Activity" window shows that it's "Requesting latest information", and it'll sit there doing that forever.  Occasionally clicking the red stop-sign will make it recover, but usually Mail needs a quit/restart to return to normal.


https://discussions.apple.com/thread/2140011?start=0&tstart=0 shows that this dates back at least to 2009.  The thread indicates that there could be a problem with a corrupted message in the Exchange mailstore, and that deleting the affected message with OWA makes everything happy.


... but that's not a bug-fix, that's a workaround.  The bug is still there.  MacOS Mail shouldn't hang when it finds a corrupted message. It ought to recover gracefully, perhaps presenting a dialog box identifying the offending message and suggesting that you delete it.


(for what it's worth, this behaviour also affects appointments in iCal, which rely on Mail successfully processing meeting invitations. I've missed meetings because of this)

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