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For quite some time now, the print to pdf function has not been working.


I open a document or web page and choose print from the file menu. I choose pdf from the printer menu.


I'll get a message that the printer is paused. I open the printer icon in the dock and click on the resume icon. Nothing happens.


I also got a message saying that software needs to be installed and to check the Software update in the Apple menu, and if it's not Apple software that needs updating I have to go elsewhere, presumably Adobe.


Apple Software update is up to date. My Adobe Suite, while not the most recent issue, is Lion compatible, including Acrobat.


I've seen posts by people who are having problems with print to pdf not embedding urls when it makes pdfs, but for me it's not making pdfs at all.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Memory: 4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3
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    I opened Acrobat and went to the help menu. There was a selection called Repair Acrobat Installation. I chose it. A box appeared with 2 items, one was print to pdf.


    I clicked ok and it did it's thing and it still does not work. I'm going to try restarting. I'm betting it still won't work.

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    OK. When the print dialog box opens I pull down the printer menu and switch from Adobe PDF to Adobe PDF 9.0.


    Now it seems to work, in that a very quick progress bar shows up, the item appears for an instant in the cue and then it's gone with no error message, but it does not show up anywhere I'd expect it– desktop, documents, I even did a search for files created today and sorted the list by time, and nothing.


    So if it's printing to pdf, where is it putting them?