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I have been testing to see how successful my PowerMac G5 would be used as a file server on my home network for other OSX, Windows XP, and Windows 7 machines, and i have concluded that with the standard builds of Windows, it works just fine. So since i have a lot of media on my Windows 7 based media center waiting to be backed up, I was thiking about purchasing a 3TB Seagate drive to install in the PowerMac i have running Leopard Server, and have that as a backup for the media center. I also was planning on my backup media center (for another room), which is running Windows XP, to be able to pull the media from the drive and use the media directly over the network. I have tested this and it works just fine, though unfortunately it can't handle 1080p video too well. So my question is, how did i need to partition and format the 3TB to be seen and accessible on all operating systems on my network? Thanks

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