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My iPad 2 was bought in April 2011. And just a few hours ago it suddenly disconnected from my home WIFI.

I tried to reconnect it, but it either kept scanning the network or kept prompting the warning message "iPad could not scan for wireless networks".

My Macbook Pro, iPhone and another iPad 3 were all working fine with my two different WIFI points at home yet only my iPad 2 couldn't scan both WIFI at all.


I have tried to:


1. Reboot IOS (turn it off and on)

2. Take out sim card

3. Reset Network Settings

4  Reset All Settings

5. Restore iPad from iTune


I've called Apple, obviously they had no clues about this problem and they just adviced me to send in my iPad 2 for 1-to-1 change.

This seems to be a common unsolved issue for apple users. Has anyone solved this before?

Now I'm worrying will my iPad 3 get the same issue in future. it makes me quite frustrated

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1