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Hi , ive brought an iphone from a friend which was locked to the orange uk network, we have spoke to orange and they are going to unlock it via apples servers or however they do it im not sure, in the meantime i restored the iphone to erase all of his stuff from the iphone , now i cant activate the iphone as there is no sim , i just wanted to now if that the apple unlock will still work even though the phone is not activated.


many thanks in advance



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    To unlock an ATT iPhone, after you get an email from ATT saying it is unlocked, you restore your iPhone as a new device.  If Orange uses a similar method to unlock, you shouldn't need a sim.  I suggest you contact Orange Customer Service and ask them.

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    Once it's unlocked that just means it's unlocked from the Orange network. It shouldn't have to be activated to have the unlock work. So you should be all good!

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    thanks ill just have to wait and see .