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I could always use screen sharing between my 2010 macbook and my 2007 macmini,both with lion.But now since I upgraded the macbook to mountain loin it doesn't work.The macmini did at first show up on the macbook finder sidebar under sharing like it always had done but as soon as I tried to connect the sharing option disappeared and won't come back.The macmini can still see the macbook however,its on the finder there.But when I try to connect from the mini to the macbook I get an error message that says something like "server error" and contact administrator(that's me!)I can't upgrade the mini to mountain lion as it's too old.So it this an incompatibility between the two operating systems or is it something else?

I also tried to do it with BackTo My Mac,enabled through icloud on both computers but no luck,not even showing the Back to my Mac icon on either Finder sidebar like it's supposed to.When I did it through system preferences-icloud,it said this was successfully enabled but it just doesn't work at all.

Cross about this since I always use the macbook to control the macmini which is plugged into a flat screen tv and it's much easier than fiddling around with a mouse and keyboard.

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    I can screen share my wife's Lion iMac using Mountain Lion and the reverse is true. If the computer is not showing up to be selected under shard on the left column of the finder it is probable a connection issue. I would check my home network, restart the the macs and toggle the sharded settings and energy saving settings like wake for network activity. Be sure and set up iCloud on both your macs and turn on UPnP if you have a router for your home network serving up NAT IP Numbers. UPnG will make the port forwarding enteries in you router to allow you macs to connect behind the firewall created by nat addressing.


    I am currently having a problem with back to my mac. S

    creen shares great the the Lion iMac but Mountain Lion to Mountain on one computer will not connect if the computer is sleeping. It lights the screen on the sleeping computer but never shows on the computer requesting to share. File share always workd. If I wake the computere before I attemp the connection, screen share work as it should. If I try to screen share while the second computer is sleeping, It will never work again until I restart the iMac.

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    This is apparently a known problem, see the long discussion here. However I personally have been using both systems and connecting Scrensharing just fine both ways.