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I have an entire concept album I created within one large (68 min to be exact) wav file (created in Logic 9.1.7).


Can someone please throw me a bone recommending an application that will allow me to index my songs individually (w/2 sec silence between) within this wav and successfully burn them to CD? :: Amadeus Pro?  I have tried with Logic Pro 9.1.7, but there doesn't seem to be a way to do this.


The end result from Logic Pro 9.1.7 is always one giant 68 minute song. I understand that Wave Burner can do this, but I don't own Logic Pro Studio. I have also read that Spin Doctor X can do this, but I also heard from several kind folks that it is utter crap.


Thank you in advance...


OSX 10.7 last ver. MacBook Air.