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I have just fitted the hard drive from my Macbook Pro (which recently died after logic board issues) into a SATA USB enclosure to transfer all the data over to my brand new iMac.


After connecting the enclosure to the iMac, the red LED on the front of the enclosure is blinking and I can hear the hard drive working but my iMac doesn't seem to have found it. There is no external drive icon on the the desktop and nothing showing up in Disk Utilities.


The instructions state: Red light = HD is being accessed Green light = HDD is connected and hard disk is idle.

There is no green light showing at all.


As far as I'm aware, there is no problem with the hard drive itself.


The instructions also refer to Driver Installation but only for Windows computers, although I checked the enclosure was compatible with Macs before I bought it.


I've tried connecting it to my wife's PC laptop and a message appears saying something like unrecognisable/malfunctioning USB device.


Any clues? I'm literally going mad! I really need to get that stuff off that hard drive!