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Safari is not able to access an internal website. The host is resolvable by the inetrnal DNS server and OSX Mountain Lion is set up to use this DNS server. a 'dig' from the terminal shows correct name resoltution and Firefox is abel to access the page just fine. Safari does a Google search on the url rather than display the page.


Does anyone know a workaround ?

MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion
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    If the host name is not a recognizable FQDN -- for example, something like "intranet" instead of "intranet.private" -- then you may have to add a line to the hosts file with this syntax:



    Don't forget that it's there.


    Loading the URL from a bookmark should also work.

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    Just type "http://" before the hostname: this will prevent safari from doing a google search.


    I don't known any other method, but I would like safari to be smater about hostname with name resolution like chrome is: if I type just one word, before doing a google search, it should try to look up for the name in DNS first.