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I have an old PowerPC G4, OSX 10.4.11, Dual 1.25Ghz with 1GB DDR SDRAM.


I haven't used this computer for a while, but it has always worked normally. A couple of days ago I started copying all my personal documents, folders, pictures, videos and music inside one folder so I could transfer to a hard drive, then to my new computer.


After I finished transfering everything I wanted inside that one folder, the computer became VERY, I mean VERY slow, like if you click OK or CLOSE, the rainbow wheel starts turning for like two minutes. Anything I do brings back that wheel.  It is almost impossible now to plug in my external hard drive and transfer the data. I really need that one folder but don't know what to do now. Any ideas?

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    Just wanted to add that when I try to boot on safe mode (hold the shift key after I hear the tone), the computer stays at the apple logo and I never see the turning wheel. If I boot normally, it takes a long time, but it boots.


    Also, I tried to boot from the CD by holding the "c" key with the os x installation disk but all it does is ejects the CD and it boots normally.