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I just bought an HP Office Jet 8600 and I can not set up my shared network.  I've followed the instructions to share my files, set up as SMB, etc.  When I go into the printer utility, it's asking me for the network path (i.e. \\mypc\\myshared folder).  I have no idea what to put int this section because nothing is right.  How do I find the correct path of a file on my desktop?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    From your post it sounds like you have the printer connected to Windows via USB cable and shared. And you want to connect to this shared printer. Correct?


    If yes, then it is not the shared folder you enter in the path but the shared printer name. For example, if you the Windows computer name is Starscream and the printer shared name is hpoj8600, then the path you need to enter is \\starscream\hpoj8600.


    So have you enabled the printer sharing on Windows and entered a short name without spaces (this works best). And then from the Print & Scan pane when you select to Add a printer and select the Windows icon, do you see this Windows computer in the second column?

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    I should clarify.


    I have a mac book bro.  I am trying to set up digital shared filing.  My printer is connceted to my laptop via wifi.  There is a function on the printer that allows me to scan something from the printer and have it automatically save on a folder on my computer.  I tried to set up the folder but I can not figure out how to put the correct path name.  In windows, from what I remember, you are able to see the path in the URL.  I don't know how to do it for mac computers.

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    The convention on the Mac is similar to Windows. But there is one issue with Lion that will most likely stop you from achieving your result and that is Apple changed the SMB protocol in Lion which has made it incompatible with many devices. While this hybrid SMB in Lion works with Windows 7 computers, it stops many AIOs from being able to send a scanned document via SMB to a shared folder on the Mac.

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    Hi JGM07,


    actually the path is the Mac IP address or computer name then backslash and the folder name of your shared folder (case sensitive). So for instance    \\MacMandy\Test   or    \\\Test


    Please also make sure that you have installed the latest product updates on your Officejet (setup - web services - product updates). As mentioned by PAHU the Samba file sharing was replaced in 10.7 by SMBX. Your OJ has got a FW update to support SMBX file sharing as well. If you dont have the latest product update installed, the setup for scan to network folder will fail with a network error.




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    This is a known problem.  See: http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Mac-Printing-and-Scanning/HP-Officejet-PRO-8500-Wir eless-Mac-OS-Lion/td-p/774037  The only workaround right now is to sto an SD card and then read it on your Mac, scan to a NAS and connect to it from your Mac or if you have Parallels and Windows you can scan to that and share it to Mac.


    There are no updates for the 8500, 8500A, 8600 that fixes the FW to work properly with SMBX file shares.

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    Hi boecherer,


    this was actually solved for OJ Pro 8600 with FW Update in February 2012 already which included SMBX for this device.

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    This is good to know.  I will test it on my 8600.  People with 8500's are still saying it doesn't work.  HP isn't even clear about this issue and claims an update is needed but the software has to be running on the computer which is not the same issue.  I'll test it and report back.

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    I just tested this and it DOES work.  I think I went to an 8500A and it still didn't work and then when I went to an 8600 I didn't try again (since I had it scanning to my NAS OK and I never heard any news back on it working for the 8500) since I assumed it was still broken.


    Thanks for the tip Tec_Mandy.  I can now recommend the 8600's to my Mac clients again! 



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    This was helpful ... although I was a bit dense until it sunk in.


    To get this to work, I (1) created the shared directory, e.g., /Scans. (2) Shared the directory using Get Info, (3) edited System Preferences / Sharing / File Sharing / Options to turn on SMB sharing, entering an SMB password as requested, (4) Selecting the shared folder in the same dialog and editing its permissions.


    Still, I prefer the old Scan-to-Computer feature that worked just nifty with my old HP 7310 that died this week of hardening-of-the-encoder-strip.  Argh!

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    The HP Officejet Pro 8600 fully support scanning to an SMB shared folder, however it is required to update the latest firmware for it to work:

    http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareDownloadIndex?softwareitem=bi-101906- 3&cc=us&dlc=en&lc=en&os=219&product=4323659&sw_lang=


    boecherer - to add, this feature also supported by the Officejet Pro 8500A Series since the last firmware update which you may dfind below:

    http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareDownloadIndex?softwareitem=mp-94588-3 &cc=us&dlc=en&lc=en&os=219&product=4083969&sw_lang=


    Once the latest firmware has been updated you may follow the steps below to configure a shared SMB folder:

    1. Create a new folder on your PC

    2. Right click (CTRL+Left click if using the Mac keyboard) it and then select Get Info.

    3. unlock the screen, set the everyone term as Read & Write, located under Sharing & Permissions..

    4. Enter System Preferences > Sharing and then select File Sharing from the left bar.

    5. Click the Options button, mark the Share files and folders using SMB (Windows) and click Done

    6. Under Sahred Folders, click the Plus sign and select the configured folder.

    7. Make sure that "Everyone" permissions are set to Read & Write under the Users list as well.

    8. You will see the IP Address listed at the top of that screen, take a note to configure it from the EWS page.


    You should use the following path template:


    Make sure to include your username and password while setting the network folder scan.




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    Thanks for the detailed instructions ShlomiL.  In place of IP-ADDRESS the machine name can also be used and won't change like an IP address can change.  However, knowing the correct machine name can be a little more difficult.  It can be found under sharing in System Preferences.


    I was aware of the 8500A working now as I was one of those who pushed the HP rep on the HP forums to get to the bottom of the problem.


    I don't recall if I tried with the 8600 since I had changed my settings to send the scans to my NAS as a workaround and maybe didn't bother to change the seetings back to try.  And if the firmware upgrade fixed the problem, it would have been nice if HP had printed out a page on the printer that was upgraded that said what all the improvements of the firmware included.  Then I would have been notified.


    I guess it's just another case of technology not being used to close the last inch gap - of getting the right info to the people who really need it.