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I purchased upgraded icloud storage for wrong account, how can I obtain a refund?

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    You can cancel iCloud storage upgrade within 15 days of buying:


    Apple have made this as difficult as possible. If you use Express Lane you cannot proceed without entering a hardware serial number which is still eligible for AppleCare. However julia22 managed to find a way round it - please see this post:




    it gives the USA number - if you don't live there you will have to find an equivalent number from the 'Contact Us' link at bottom right of this page.

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    I just managed (I hope) to get a refund even though I have had my IPad for a couple of years.


    I used this page



    More products and services


    Account and setup

    This topic is not listed


    Then had a box to type in my message.

    I just wrote that I had misunderstood the nature of the extra storage I paid for 3 days ago and wanted a refund.

    Then I filled in name, email, phone number and IPad serial number on the next page and clicked submit.


    The first operator phoned my mobile number immediately, listened and transferred me to the refund office where I was asked the usual security questions and part card details to confirm my identity before the refund was put in place.

    She said it might take 5 days, so I will be checking my bank account each day to see.

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    Anyone in the UK who stumbled into this thread,

    looking for the answer on how to get a refund on an unnecessary iCloud storage

    upgrade, clik on this link:


    HT4874 iCloud Storage Upgrade refund

    You only have 15 days to do this after purchase.

    I found getting to the right place a puzzle that might stump a genius

    at  cryptic crossword puzzles.

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    But on the same day I bought it, I didn't find how to get the refund. And couldn't  downgrade while the note appeard that I could downgrade within 15 days after I received the receipt. Time goes fast and I have tried hard but still hasitate. I ever called the number I got and no answer.  What a mysterious puzzle was it to find the refund??