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  • 870. Re: Battery life dropped considerably on Mountain Lion.
    ellbow Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    hello, let's reassure some folks on the issue.


    - Ref questions I have : DO NOT GO BACK TO LION. You risk having additional problems, including backup system errors, permission issues, itunes locked (and NO file library I tried worked) so on... plus FIRMWARE ALREADY MODIFIED YOUR HARDWARE Modus Operandi.


    First, what Apple told me:


    1. 2 senior managers "This is news to me. Never heard of it and we have internal updates on current issues." OK, I was not fishing for an admission. BUT how about general basic news search??? That could have been handled better
    2. "if the problem persists across three OSes, then it is hardware. More specifically, the SMC controller may be defective." OK so AFTER ML WAS MY REPLY... In the end, if the battery looses health rapidly, does not hold charge or how the system uses or regulates power/time (e.g 4:10 remaining) is way off, then the SMC is in trouble.
    3. IF the SMC is in trouble, that is a logic board replacement. IE new macbook. Shock, I know..
    4. Unknown if a firmware may fix the issue (though we hope). It may fix the software. but unknown about hardware.

    My take below. Have you ever fried a MB or messed something (TV, burner) fiddling with firmware? I know I had near calls but never did so, although am aware it does happen to people. Umm, I think an iPhone once became erratic after an iOS update, coul dnot be fixed and Apple Store just replaced it for me. Lesson? Updates do kill some units at times.. ML was both a software AND firmware update. So to everyone, sadly, hardware may have been affected. In some cases, possibly permanently. Now here are the good news and what to do!! - Many of us follow technology and trends. Including myself, a PC tech (former). Then all of you know that Apple is the #1 Customer Service computer / mobile device company in the world. They do come through. Remember the defective NVIDIA chip fiasco? NVIDIA paid $ 200 million to Apple and every single Macbook Pro had a 4 yr default Apple warranty. i had used that once on the macbook pro when the GPU just died in the third year. Conclusion? IF your hardware would have been affected, keep in mind that Apple will, eventually, adress it. WHAT TO DO

      1. Most people posting here have recent machine (1yr or less). I strongly recommend BUYING Apple Care for the additional 2 years. I really cannot urge this enough. Apple's coverage shines even more when your machine has warranty.
      2. Backup all your data- and not just in Time Machine. Individual folder backups.
      3. Call Apple to OPEN A CASE. This is your proof that you are bringing an issue at their attention. They will escalate, send you Data Capture 9. and so on..
      4. USE your batteries. Let them cycle down and up. Let them die. If you get 20-150 cycles and below 80%, youmay qualify for a free Apple battery replacement (or whatever the Apple health bottom line is). If you are outside a  replacement warranty, go an buy a new one. You still have a few days to find if problem gone.
      5. DO not leave the system plugged. Apple Lithium batteries were not designed to be kept fully charged, but cycled. Their health will drop even faster! Hoping the problem is not there by keeping the mag adapter plugged, and seeing that 100% charge, it is like burying one's head in the sand. You WANT TO FIND if there is a problem. So use your batteries, even if, in some cases, it may kill them.
      6. Then- if problems are obvious ( and 7 to 3.5 hrs is a catastrophic drop to me) let Apple take care of it. Customer Service. Tech Support. Wait. Maybe full unit recall. Full logic board replacement. I guarantee you, if you get two fried bateries in 4 months, or even 1 warranty year, they will consider the faulty SMC and replace it.
      7. Do NOT FIDDLE WITH TERMINAL and other options that Apple staff did not recommend. none of them work (see the board). You will amplify problems (I did and ended up with non responsive dock lol) but I had the time to just experiment with configurations and installs. SO use the machine and ML as it was supposed to. Is there any other way to prove a battery problem unless using it as designed? If it says 7 hours but actually get 3 hrs practive, call 1-800 Apple.
      8. If brand new unit, and it has these problems - RETURN IT!!!! Especially in the return window,. Apple would tell you that themselves...


    So I guess the message i:  work with Apple. Stuff happens. Cars get recalls, laptops do, so on. But the only way to help it, is to use and let the system tell you what is wrong. And engage the Apple/Geniuses as soon as you have some proof. They may ask you to do a re-install. It will take time- true, very inconvenient, but follow the motions customer service dictate, and you might end up with a fixed or new machine.


    Yes, am extremely dissapointed this gave me flashbacks of PC frustration (and why I left mobile PCs). ALso, my portable GoFlex Seagte HD died just as I updated to ML, so I had also lost some data. Stuff happends... But what can we do? We can post asking for suggestions, but nothing changes the reality of the steps I recommended above. Apple would vouch for them. And we cannot shortcut steps.


    For those out of warranty, just hope that maybe APPLE issues an extension similar to the NVIDIA issue. If a new battery does not solve it (say an early 2011 machine), wait for Apple's updates. If none fix it, call Apple and wait. Maybe you may still get coverage once the issue is officially recognized... Apple has accustomed us with such level of fair Customer Service. But call and open a case.


    Am also dissapointed with Apple''s non-existant advisory to its techs. For them to not be aware of MacWorld or ArsTechnica red flags, is really not I expect from that # 1 company.


    Not what everyone wants to hear, but I can assure you: this forum will not repair anyone's MB or MBP, only Apple can. What we can do is prepare the groundwork for a fluid solution, working with them.



    i have MBP 2012 13 have same problem, before ML 7hr after ML only 4.30hr only, i wait or must send my MBP 2012 to replace the new one or wait ML update 10.8.1, confius...please advice me coz i still in warranty. sad with battery.

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    On topic - Interesting observation is that after firmware update to add PowerNap feature, my battery was warmer and discharged faster.  After I turned off all powernap features in System Perfs, the battery seems cooler and lasts longer.  Is anyone experiencing something similar?



    Off topic - Thanks for the debate about Battery Management.  Apple Genuis explained when I purchased a Macbook Pro 2012 "leave it unplugged and use it untethered.  Try to keep the battery between 20-80%.  Do not leave it on the MagSafe all the time"

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    ellbow Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    thank to advice

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    salty777 Level 3 Level 3 (540 points)

    I uninstalled Flash and it seems to have helped, although not fixed the issue.

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    verdi1987 Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    My Retina MacBook battery depleted 30% from a full charge while AirPlay Mirroring for one hour to Apple TV. I was mirroring Hulu, the laptop screen was off for most of that hour, and I believe the integrated graphics was used the entire time. The browser (Chrome) was the only major app running. (There were some small menubar apps running.) I do not know if this is normal or abnormal battery depletion, as AirPlay Mirroring was not available in 10.7.

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    I purchased a brand new macbook air 13" preinstalled with mountain lion and was having this problem. When setting up the machine the first time I used time machine to import my stuff from my previous snow leopard computer. The battery was only lasting about 4 hours and  the estimates were unreliable. I decided to wipe the hard drive and restore the computer to factory settings completly using the new online recovery drive. This time I did NOT back up my stuff from snow leopard (I only dragged and dropped a few important folders). The computer is working perfectly now and I'm getting over 7 hours of battery life. I'm going to keep watching it for a few days in my return window, but this seems to have fixed my problem.

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    Okay, I understand that everyone's upset, understandably. I know that I am! But few people have given any real details about their computers. i.e. Apps running, clean install or not, restore from time machine or not. Everyone just keeps saying something like: "I have the same problem. My battery has significantly been draining faster." Come on!!!! If you're on this forum we know you're having the problem. Give details!!!!

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    Fair enough. Details then.


    Model: Macbook Pro (late 2011)

    Processor:  2.2 GHz Intel Core i7

    Memory: 4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3

    Graphics:  AMD Radeon HD 6750M 512 MB


    (ok, sorry, too much detail)


    Apps running: Mail, Safari, Chrome, Tweetdeck, iChat/Messages and sometimes, iTunes

    Other power-hoggers: WiFi always on. Everything else off. Screen brightness - optimal.


    Upgrade method: Did an easy (App Store) upgrade from Lion to Mountain Lion. Not a clean install. Not sure how much it'd have mattered. Having started using my MBP in April, there was hardly any data at all.


    On an average, battery lasted 6+ hours on Lion.

    On an average, battery lasts less than 4 hours on Mountain Lion.


    I'd illustrated a particularly bad instance in my previous post here.

    Did I miss anything else?


    Again, looking forward to a resolution in the next update. An acknowledgement would be nice too, but not necessary if the update comes soon

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    MikezMac Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Batter life under mountain lion *****. Need a patch pleease Apple


    I upgraded to mountail Lion and now my battery life is about half of what it was before upgrading. Shouldn't the update improve battery life? Also, what can I do about this?

    MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion

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    I hate to sound rude, but this thread is 59 pages long with nearly every single post being the same as yours. You could always read a few of the older posts to see what other people had tried. It would also be good if you actually provided any sort of info about your laptop. The model year and maybe some other information would help slightly more than your current post.


    Now then, back on topic, there is no permanent fix for this. It's clear that for some people resetting the SMC helps a bit, but for most the battery life returns to its worsened state after a day or so. Once again, next time you post, actually read some of the thread.

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    hi, kiwituatara here, i emailed apple sydney, and disputed payment of ML, and demanded a refund - based on mountain lion not being of merchantable quality -- not being a product worthy of selling -- because as a customer i was not told that mountain lion would cripple my computer


    -- apple having made mountain lion have no option but to refund where ML not only does not come up to advertised specificatiions, but cripples functionality

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    How about a question while we wait for an update...


    I have a new rMBP on it's way sometime next week.  I've already decided to do a manual migration, if only because I used the assistant last time, and I'd like to get rid of some extraneous stuff.


    To those of you who have been messing around with all of this for so long: how would you proceed in my place?  Anything that I should specifically do...or NOT do? 


    Further, is there anything I could do with a new machine, ML pre-installed, that might help some of you determine your own next move?  I guess I'm volunteering to be the lab rat here, if anyone thinks it might help them out...the old MBP will eventually be given to my daughter, but I'm in no hurry to turn it over.

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    khanh970 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I do hope that Apple does provide a fix instead of just replacing some machines that they deem to be headaches or thorns in their sides. I know the squeaky wheel gets the grease but I find that unfair to those who do not have time all day and night to test their theories and spend countless hours being given the run around just to appease their sense of "OSX" knowledge and problem solving.


    My battery is draining at over 50% of what it used to be and that is just surfing and writing this email. I have lost 10% in less than 15 minutes just reading through some of these posts and sending this email.


    I have shut down most of the programs and have been watching activity monitor. I run Outlook 2011 and I can say that it was unusually resource heavy. It was running at idle and spiking between 10% to 70% CPU usage as well as the Outlook Database Daemon. This was running at a high CPU usage as well. Outlook 2011 was loaded for hours before I read the acitivity monitor so it was supposedly just sitting idle waiting for push mail.


    I hope they fix this as this is starting to really rub me the wrong way about Apple.


    I hope you are listening to your community Apple. We are asking for help and so far you had not even tried to address this as openly as you could have!!

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    I am also facing a problem with battery draining. Mine is a new MBP purchased on 24th july. I had Lion installed. I used it for a week and I was getting a battery back up of 6 to 7hrs. Later, I have done a free upgrade to Mountain Lion. Now, my battery life is coming for inly 4:50mins. Apple should provide a solution very fast. I also feel that my MBP is getting heated more.

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    rBMP base


    Light at 40%

    Backlight keyboard is off

    Rebooted 1 minute ago and waited doing nothing

    I have NO login items

    I have Mountain Lion

    As you can see, bluetooth and wifi are off.


    Is this, Apple, compliant with your policies?

    Screen Shot 2012-08-12 at 00.28.38 .png

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