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Hi all.


I recently created a seperate user account for my wife. We want to share/modify the same iphoto library. We're using iphoto 9 v.8.1.2.


I've pretty much completed this by:


moving iphoto library from /pictures/ to /users/shared. Logging out of my account and into hers. Launching iphoto, holding down option key and pointing to the library in /shared/. She can now see the whole existing library I originally created. And has total access to all existing pictures and movie files. Job done!


However, she has since added new photo's to the library. BUT if I launch iphoto in my account and go to the photo's she has added, I can see the thumbnail of them but have no access/permission to do anything with them. Including viewing them. If its a picture (.jpg) I double click andit just goes black. if it's a video (.mpg) it says:


You do not have permissions to open the document **********.AVI


it seems to be only to do with photo's she adds under her account.


Anyone know how to fix this?



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