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I created a themed project in iMovie, burned it to disc and cannot play back in dvd player?

iMovie '11, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    What software did you use to burn the DVD?

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    Ok let me first say this  Mac is new to me so bear with me.  In iMovie 11 apparently there is no iDVD like all the tutorials I watched said that is where to share it.  I went under Finder and chose "project " and right clicked to burn DVD?  Probably my intelligence is not going to help you to help me.  I have been trying so hard to put my video on DVDs and not having much luck.  I had to purchase Mod Converter from the app store as my jvc camcorder was not compatible.  Any insight is greatly appreciated.

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    Sorry, Lori.

    You've burned a "data" DVD and it won't play in other DVD devices.

    iDVD has been discontinued by Apple and is probably not installed on your machine.

    http://burn-osx.sourceforge.net/Pages/English/home.html Free software that can create a proper DVD.

    http://www.roxio.com/enu/products/toast/titanium/overview.html more expensive software that can also create DVD's.

    Sorry you had to learn this hard way. Apple has moved away from DVD formats.

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    Thank you so much.  I went on The link that you sent me (free one) and it looks great.  It even looks like it may have been able to convert my video as well.  I am going to play around AGAIN with this foolish thing.  I am so disappointed because this was a big selling feature for me as I was looking forward to putting my videos on disc.  It was suppose to be so easy lol.  Thank you once again and this also being the first time I have gone on this forum, you made it not so intimidating as I was skeptical, not being computer smart, to even go on here. Thanks again and I wish there was a way to download everything into my brain lol.

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    I had talked to you a month ago and you recommended "Burn" for my problem trying to burn my home movie from iMovie to a DVD that I can watch or share on a DVD player.


    I have downloaded the program and then I go to iMovie click on "Export movie using Quick Time".  The movie exports to Finder and then when I try and drag the file to Burn it says it has to convert it and I say Yes then try and burn DVD it has an error message in Burn.  It says "Authoring Failed".  I am so frustrated right now with this Mac and iMovie and not sure if you actually use this program Burn, but thought I would ask you rather than posting yet another question about this problem.


    I have had a few one-to-one sessions in our new "Apple Store" here and they basically say that burning a dvd to watch on a dvd player is "old technology".  This may be true, BUT I am not happy that they basically stop at that and are not interested in trying to help me find a solution to this problem.


    Once again, sorry for bothering you but thought perhaps you may know instructions on how to export, etc.


    Thanks so much again,

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    did you find a solution?  I'm in the same boat.  No luck in successfully burning a 'DVD' and watching it on a stand alone DVD player.  Please let me know if you found a solution.

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    Hi. I actually had a certified Apple Tech come to my house and install iDVD.  I was given his name by an employee at the "Apple Store".  He has his own computer business and is certified "Apple".  I hit sooooo many brick walls when trying to do this and apparently iDVD, is the only answer.  There is other software, BURN and TOAST, but i had no luck with burn either. They are saying this is "old technology" and apparently the new Macs coming out are not even going to have an optical drive in them.  I guess if I truly sat down and thought about it, it makes sense.  Technology is moving so quickly and before we know it DVDs will soon be a part of the past.(not that i agree as I still like to take projects made in iMovie and share them via an actual DVD, that can be watched in the comfort of ones living room, opposed to sitting in from of a computer screen.


    This probably doesn't help you much but this is what my end result was. Good luck and so sorry I didn't have a quick fix for you.

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    Technology is moving so quickly and before we know it DVDs will soon be a part of the past.


    Apple is the largest media company in the world. They sell nothing on disk. It is to their financial advantage to have the physical possession of movies go away.  ( but I fail to see how it benefits the consumer. )


    Blu-ray is way better than streaming. I'm a photographer. I care about image quality. Call me old-fashioned.


    There is good news coming!


    Technology experts are working on a movie storage system where YOU have physical possession of the movie.


    This system stores the movie digitally on an optical disk system that will not be dependent upon a congested, complicated, and fragile network.


    Because all of the data is stored only a few feet from your television, all the bottlenecks are removed.  Performance and reliability are virtually flawless.


    Further, the system will not utilize any form of security codes, authentications, or passwords. Once the optical disc is purchased it can be moved around freely at will, and can even be lent or given to friends and neighbors with zero hassles.

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    Really? And what is this new system called?  I know that this is an old post but I am still using a 6 year old iMac with iDVD and iMovieHD (6). Aside from file size and quality issues (my camcorder is even older) it still clunks along.  Will the new system bypass Blue Ray?


    Dave in NC

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    Really? And what is this new system called?