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Folks, I have a problem, and am hoping someone samrter (yes, intentional spelling mistake) than me can help.  I've used an external USB drive as my time capsule, which has worked for me without a hitch for a couple of years. 


I've just recently upgraded my MBP to Mountain Lion, and had noticed that everything was VERY slow.  So, as a result I decided to reinstall ML by wiping my MBP hard drive clean, and doing a fresh install, which resulted in a very responsive OS. 


Now the problem: when I went to restore my MacBook Pro from my TC on my USB drive, I was prompted for a password, which I provided, and have met with no success, then I ended up trying EVERY password that I could think of, and NONE of them worked!  So, my question is this:  Is there a way to retrieve/reset the password on my external USB Time Capsule?


Thanks in advance for any bit of wisdom



Time Capsule, OS X Mountain Lion
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