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Has anyone come across the issue when daisy chaining an Apple Cinema Display to a Thunberbolt Display, on a MacBookPro and not being able to use second monitor.


I'm using my MacBookPro in clamshell mode and I need dual monitors when I work in InDesign. When I connected the second Cinema Display to the back of the Thunberbolt Display and turn on the MacBook the monitor is black; The power switch and USB ports work, but the screen isn't recognised.


I have a meeting with the apple genious bar to trouble shoot, but if dual monitors aren't supported in clamshell mode it seems like a very useful update could be written.


The test we are going to do is to to connect the second monitor via USB, and see if it come up as a second screen.


Keeping my fingers crossed,


Does Apple read these forums to better their products?


And does anyone know if there is a contact at apple to initiate this product suggestion.


Dual monitor support in clamshell mode to me seams to me should be a standard function of the OS.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion