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Daisy chained Firewire 800 LaCie d2 Quadras - iMac Finder Locks up

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  • rkaufmann87 Level 8 Level 8 (40,500 points)

    The drives you will be receiving, the Ones without USB 3 should work just fine. Those are what I use and have had great luck with for 5 years.

  • tmikeporter Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have been going back and forth with LaCie for several days now.  Have a 1TB hooked to my iMac; working fine the last year.  Bought a 3TB intending to gang them together.  Have done so with FW800 cable.  Finder does not show an increase in storage volume so I suppose this means the new drive is not being recognized.  Tried everything I can think of, but no luck. 


    LaCie answers promptly, but offers nothing useful.


    Without resolution I will have to connect the new drive direct to the iMac and use it that way? 

  • tmikeporter Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    iMac 27 inch purchased Sept 2011.  It's a d2 Quadra 3TB.  It has 2-FW800, USB 2.0 and eSATA. 

    From LaCie I was finally instructed to plug the 3TB direct into the Mac, then connect the old 1TB to the 3TB.  Turned both on and it worked; both were recognized by the computer.  Time Machine still backs up normally to the 1TB even though it is ganged to the 3TB. 


    What I don't know is, will Time Machine, now that it has more room accessbile to it, use the additional 3TB of space and save more backups.  I asked LaCie this and no reply as yet.  Do you know how to make the 3TB second in line? 


    Anything else I should know?


    I could always return this 3TB to the Apple option.  Do you know anthing about the LaCie Porsche drives?

  • tmikeporter Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Wow!  What a thorough reply.  Thanks for taking the time to write all this.  I'm thinking why risk it and return the drive citing the incompatiblity issues on the Apple Support Forum.  Then investigate a different 3 or larger TB drive as my new backup drive. 


    As a photographer, I will likely use the 1TB for critical photo storage. 


    Thanks again. 


    I'm going to also investigate the LaCie Porsche drives.

  • vibration888 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    As a former Mac IT admin I just want to chime in. There has been some good advice here. Especially by the guy who was suggesting getting the older non USB 3 drives and then swapping TM drives. Good work.


    I just want to add this.


    1), GET DiskWarrior (latest version always). Of all the disc repair tools I used in my 15 year IT career (including working at Apple) DiskWarrior was the single best disc tool available. I've tried them all. Sometimes one brand will fix a particular issue that another one won't (Drive Genius was horrible at fixing disc errors but ok at other tasks. Apple's Disk Utility only goes so far and is just a "first option" utility). However DiskWarrior NEVER failed to fix a corrupted disk problem that was fixable without the need for sending the disk in for a emergency compete low level disk recovery (only happened once and even that was only partially successful due to a head chrash).


    DiskWarrior is deceptively simple to use and a little scary because it will just rebuild the directory, not repair it. But it still has to read the old directory (which means it fixes it and then reads and writes a new one - scary because it's WRITING to an already troubled drive in which the issue is not exactly known). However this turns out to be a non-issue as it's the BEST solution. I believe newer versions allow you to repair, not just replace but I'm not sure. Regardless, BUY IT, keep it updated, and have some kind of a redundant safety boot volumes (DVD, USB drive, old spare hard drive, etc..) for times when you may not have an optical drive or when the OS that comes with DiskWarrior won't boot your Mac. It will save your a$$ when you think you've lost the drive. It's the best! Trust me on this. Never lost a single file with DiskWarrior on the job and I've feared for my job a few times let me tell you. Whew. :)


    2), Sorry, but don't buy LaCie drives. Yes I know, they're sexy and Mac-like. I know all about it. And it's true that Apple may have some chipset incompatibilities but that's NOT Apple's problem to worry about. Anyway, I have had many many problems over a dozen years with thier products. Their chipsets can be incompatible with Macs and this daisy chaining drive problem has been going on for years with LaCie drives going back many years. I still have a pair of old 2001ish LaCie drives that cause the exact same issues you all mention and more.


    DO THIS: Either buy a Seagate 3TB bare drive from Newegg (they have them today for $139. And then buy a case from OWC. Put it together and save yourself a lot of money and a lot of hassle. OWC has "pretty" cases too and they work. And their support BLOWS LaCie away (who recently got bought out BTW).


    That's how the pros do it. Ask any Mac IT person. They'll have an OWC case and DiskWarrior.

  • Pixelvideo Calculating status...

    Thanks for the sage advise vibration888.  I'm sure DiskWarrior is as good as you say but what good is it if it's a hardware compatibility issue?  I will heed your advise on buying different brands in the future but as I own both a 2TB and a 3TB v3 d2 quadra I'd like to get them working.  The thought of swapping hard drives from one case to another honestly freaks me out a little because I'm not a techie guy with computers.  Thats why I like Apple products...they usually just work.

    Anyway, my issues are a bit different and I was hoping someone might be able help as LaCie and Apple haven't.


    I'm running a mid 2010 Mac Pro with dual 2.4 quads, OS 10.7.5

    I bought the 3TB d2 to backup raw video files from P2 cards but soon after I started using it the FW800 transfers usually failed with an error stating the "file **** was in use" after which the drive would get really buggy and unresponsive.  If the d2 was off prior to the transfer it would usually work ok but if it'd been on for say an hour already then it would always fail. I don't ever freeze or hangup but sometimes the Mac won't shut down properly and I need to kill it with the power button.

    I contacted Lacie and they told me to back it up and reformat it so I bought the 2TB d2.  The first time I plugged it into the Mac Pro via FW800 it wouldn't mount.  I took it back and exchanged it for a different drive and had the same result so I plugged it into my 2004 iMac with a FW800 to FW400 converter cable I fortunately had and it mounted right away. I reformatted the 2TB d2 with disc uitlity, plugged it into the Mac Pro and it mounted.

    While transferring the many of gigs of files from the 3TB to the 2TB I kept getting the same "file **** in use" error/failure so I unplugged the FW800 and used the USB 3 cables that came with the d2's and plugged it into the USB2 port on the Mac Pro.  Everything transferred fine via USB so I reformatted the 3TB and repatched both the drives to FW800 thinking my problems were solved but still the same error occured while transferring to or from the d2's, "file****in use"

    Following Lacies advice I tested the drives on a friends new iMac with FW800 and they worked fine so I called Apple.  After running the standard trouble shooting procedures over the phone they booked me an Apple Store appointment where it was decided the easiest thing to do was to replace the backplane board.  Great I'm thinking, that should solve everything.  Ha, apparently I'm too optimistic because nothing changed with the FW800 issue.

    That was a couple of weeks ago and I've been using the drives with USB until I had time and energy to revisit this craziness.  Tonight I dusted off my old Power Mac G5 with a single FW800 port and daisy chained the d2's together and copied one 152GB folder and one 114GB folder from the 3TB to the 2TB with no issues.

    I know LaCie is going to say it's an Apple issue since the drives work on another Mac, but from what I've read in this thread Apple hasn't recognized this publicly and there is no solution on the horizon.

    So if anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them.  If not maybe I can find a YouTube video that illustrates how to swap the d2 hard drives into new cases.

  • Pixelvideo Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm happy to hear Lacie was willing to work with you.  Sadly I'm not having the same luck as the last suggestion was to contact Apple again since the drives seem to work fine on every other Mac I've tested it with.  You wouldn't happen to still have your Lacie support ticket number would you?  I'd like to submit it to the Lacie support tech I've been working with to show him there really is an issue between the d2 and the Mac.




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