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Has anyone else experienced lots of random lock-ups with Mountain Lion? It seems to happen to me several times a day on my MBA. Simple things like browsing the web with Safari. I have to do a hard reboot. I never had this problem with Lion.

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    Is it a joke ???? !!!!!!!


    No hard drive or RAM issue, just an upgrade of the better OS in the world !!!!!

    It's not a minor bug, fortunately i don't loose data (at that time) !!!!!


    See :

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    Let's hope apple will patch ML asap

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    CaptainTrips Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    I'm thinking it may be related to videos on iTunes. Our daughter watches lots of Bugs Bunny and other kid's shows. Often, it freezes up some time afterwards, but not 100% positive on this one.

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    No.  You are not alone.  More over, you ain't kidding.  This isn't the old "One program crashes" that we've had since we went to X, but these are good, old fashioned "Your whole computer is basically a brick" OS 9 and earlier type of crashes.  I think it has something to do with the video system as I'll get odd splashes of screen space in places it dosn't belong (a bit of menu bar in the middle of a web page, a splash of Dock stamped in the middle of my iTunes window, etc)  But I have no real clue what is causing it.  But when it happens, you are REALLY screwed.  This is the second major relase in a row where the computer experience is getting worse, not better.  I hope apple is reading these threads.


    My next step is what I hate doing.  Using something like Onyx to just shotgun out all my caches and everything and how the problem is fixed on the rebuild.  Probably won't work, but nothing else is either.


    Some upgrade nightmare are just 'you gotta get used to it.'  Others are bugs.  This is a bug.