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I kept my old Pismo PowerBook in order to be able to run OS 9.2 and old applications that were not brought on to the OSX platform.


When I went to open some old MacDraw files I discovered that somehow the translator for MacDraw no longer was available to ClarisDraw or ClarisImpact.


Does anyone out there have a copy of the translators, or can tell me where/how to get hold of it. I do not recall if ClarisDraw was distributed with OS 9.2. If so, I somewhere have the CD's and could reinstall or repair the programs. Can anyone tell me how CLarisDraw and Imppact was distributed?

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    The Claris (boxed) programs (MacWrite, MacDraw, MacPaint, etc.) shipped with floppy disk installers and a spiral-bound user manual.  In the early to mid-90s, they were combined into the single program "ClarisWorks," which was included as bundled software (on the OS restore disk) with the Performas running OS 7.5, sold for home or educational use.  The program included built-in translators, to read files created by the older versions of its component programs.  With version 5, ClarisWorks was re-named "AppleWorks."  You can download/install the final version of AppleWorks 6.2.9 (available here), but I seem to recall (from another Forum topic about a year ago) that some of the older translators were no longer included with the newest/final release of the program.  Because the Claris Corporation sold boxed, retail versions of the program, you should check eBay for ClarisWorks 4 on CD (ClarisWorks 3 may run on OS 9.2 - I haven't tried it).  I'm suggesting version 4, because it may have translators that weren't included with version 5 - but I don't know that for sure.  Apple's support page for AppleWorks can be found here.